Synchronizing Gmail Contacts Fails

Error on two different computers with two different eMClients and two different GMail accounts suddenly appearing in the last two days. Is this an eMClient issue or a Gmail issue?

I am having the same issue with two different Gmail accounts as well.

Me three.

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My eM Client has suddenly stopped syncing Googlel Contacts.

I’m using Win 8. Installed eM Client about 3 weeks ago and it worked perfectly. Just now it has started bringing an error message when it attempts to sync Google Contacts.

Hi, to all with this problem - contact me on my email with link to this topic.


Still seeing this issue this morning, failed multiple times overnight.

I know, it can’t be solved by waiting that is why I gave instructions to contact me directly. It will save time.


We will be releasing an update soon unless Google fixes the problem first. It’s a bug in their API we have already reported to them. Yesterday we developed a workaround that is currently being tested.

I did email you this morning Jan

We have released an updated version for this issue. It workarounds a newly introduced problem in Google Contacts.

Please downoad the new update from:…

Update appears to have resolved this particular problem. Thanks for the quick response guys.

you are welcome :slight_smile:

I have alerted tech that the version posted to resolve this has display issues with certain mail and sent examples.

I am waiting to hear whether they will address that or if it is possible to revert to the previous version. Does anyone know?

The update has not fixed my sync problems either. I understand the the problem was caused by some change in Google

We too have seen some examples of display issues with the update.

Jan of the tech group suggested a fix, but it didn’t apply and I haven’t heard back as yet.

I surely hope there is either a fix to the version posted above soon, or someone can tell me how to revert to the previous version (trying to install the current v. 6 doesn’t work because I installed this later version).

Certain mails not displaying is becoming a problem.

I am having the same issue. Sync issues with both of my gmail accounts. Usually related to “contacts.” I am hesitant to follow the above link to a patch since a few others have noted that the patch has it’s own issues. Any update on this?

OK, so I installed the test version (link above) and now I can’t sync at all with either account. I get the error message from Google “too many simultaneous connections”. I uninstalled eM Client, booted the computer and reinstalled. Still have the problem. I am also connected to both Gmail and Google Apps accounts via my phone and tablet, and up until this “fix” it was working OK.

Wow. David I’m sorry for all your troubles and I thank you for posting your experience. I’ll definitely NoT download that fix. Ugh. I just paid for this app a few weeks ago because I love it and the development team seemed pretty cool. Hopefully we get a solution soon.

As an FYI I have other Imap accounts through my own web server and through .mac and those are functioning as they should. Seems to be a google/emclient thing for sure.