Synchronize calendar event colors

I have set different event colors in the same calendar on my google calendar account, but eM doesn’t synchronize this colors.
I use calendars syncing via google on other devices (mobile, iPad) and they support this function, therefore this is missing function for me.

I know, the problem can be solved by adding other calendars with different colors, but this is confusing solution and I have a lot of events…

I found same problem in forum (2 years old):

Can you help me? Can you add this function?

Hello Marek,
I am sorry that eM Client is missing a function that might be vital for you, but implementing this is not as easy for a third-party application compared to the Google’s native apps for certain devices that have access to the color code information.
This might change in the future, but at this time this functionality is not planned.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Olivia; This is an important functionality for me too.

Yes… having the category colours for events on the EmClient flow through to Google Calendar would be great… sometimes you just don’t have emclient in front of you, and you need to sign into Google calendar.   

Acfualk y, I’m wanting the flow to occur from the other direction, from Google calendar assigned colors, without having I g to create multiple Google calendars.

unfortunately, Google does not send nor accept Color indicators for events, so it is not possible to implement this as a 3rd party mail application.
Unless Gmail changes their API we cannot implement this feature.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello Olivia,
“…so it is not possible to implement this as a 3rd party mail application.”
I own one application that syncs Google event colors to a mail application’s categories. It is called gSyncit and works flawlessly with MS Outlook 2016

![]( 1 inline.png?1476186977 “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1495667/RackMultipart20161011-107041-10nwcl2-2016-10-11__1__inlinepng1476186977”)

Nice quote from another forum, may well apply here:

“Man who says it cannot be done should not interrupt man who is doing it”. 

Hello Peter,
this was a reply I got from our development team about the calendar communication, I am sure if it was an easy solution our developers would adapt it already.
I’ll investigate further on what the catch could be.


One more example that it can be done:
Thunderbird with add-on _ G-Hub Lite  _integrates the original Google calender (and Google contacts for that matter) as tab into the mail client. Nothing needs to be imported, nothing needs to be synchronized, It’s the real thing, event colors and all. And Thunderbird isn’t even Chromium based.
For Chromium based emClient it should be a breeze to integrate Google calender flawlessly, why else should they have gone from lean, fast V6 to a bloated (311 MB start drive space as oposed to Thunderbird’s 83MB, all add-ons included) version 7 that doesn’t really do anything better.
And when will emClient update its “how we compare” comparison on their web-page? If I was Mozilla I would seek legal advice.
After almost a week with V7.0.27744 I am back to V6, but Thunderbird is still my main client, even though I am a pro user with three licences.