sync with

I installed Em Client yesterday and it appeared to have synced with This morning it sometimes syncs and then comer up with sync errors. One of them said server reported sync error (503)

Any solutions?


PS Sorry if this has appeared multiple times.

I get sync errors with my very old account in eM Client 6 Pro, too, but always get my emails within the same day.  

I voiced my complaint to eM Client Support and they suggested I beta test eM Client 7 instead, that a solution would be worked on there.  

But I just purchased 6 and if I install the beta, it will replace 6 (they cannot co-exist), which means I would have a hassle trying to go back, if I needed to do so.  I don’t need that.  Right now I just ignore the sync issue with my account, which comes from Microsoft’s site, too. 

Thanks for the info.


There are two solutions, both of which needed because Microsoft is phasing out AirSync support. One is to set up your account using Exchange, simply click on Mail>Exchange when in the account setup wizard.

The second one is to connect through IMAP. Enter “” and port 993 in the incoming mail server settings and “” and port 587 in the outgoing server settings. Press ignore when the setup attempts to diagnose server status. After you’ve done that, go to IMAP tab in your account page and set your security policy to “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)”, then navigate to the SMTP tab and set your security policy to “Force usage of SSL/TLS”.


Seems to work with my Hotmail, but I can’t really delete the other account because the new account has path requirements for calendar, tasks, and contacts that I must input.  I have no idea where they are, as my original AirSync Hotmail account in eM Client only has a server tab for Mail, Calendar, Contacts - no separate path designation to show where they are located.

Oh, I finally realized that I could drag and drop calendar events that I have setup from my Hotmail calendar into my Local calendar!  Cool!!  So, I’ve done that and set the path in my new Hotmail account for my calendar to:  Local Folders/Calendar/  

This way I don’t need to deal with a Hotmail calendar, a Gmail calendar and a Comcast calendar… just one local calendar that shows all my future appointments and subscription due dates.  This makes the whole calendar thing so much easier.

I also, unchecked “Enable Account” box in my old AirSync Hotmail account while keeping the new IMAP Hotmail account active.  It appears I was getting email in both accounts, but this way with the AirSync account inactive but not deleted I can make certain all is working as expected.  

Thanks for your help, David Adler!  :)

In a Browser, login to your account at When your mailbox has been moved to the new Exchange format, the top left corner will show Outlook Mail. When your account hasn’t been migrated yet, it will show

If it shows Outlook Mail , you need to set up your account in EM client as an Exchange account. iMAP will still work, but not as well as Exchange.  But an EM Client  Outlook account (ie using AirSync)will no longer work.  When you set up an Exchange account, EM Client can take quite a few minutes to obtain the server details.

Thank you John for clarifying the info. I will save this one for any further inquiries.

I am testing EM Client V7B2. I assume the same thing applies to V6.


As a local computer repair company I am starting to see a number of enquiries from customers about issues with Hotmail accounts, msn accounts etc.  I am also getting some information (from google search) about some issues with AirSync and “Windows Live Mail” and its supposed demise on June 30th 2016 for all accounts that are,, etc. 

I am struggling to find the full story and cement a strategy in my mind for all my eldely customers who use a mixture of WLM 2011, WLM 2012, Webmail and a few on Em Client V6 (I migrated them some time ago as the Windows “Mail App” is such an abortion of a program).  From the various sources I am surmising my shady understanding.  

Can someone sanity check this for me and help me fill in the gaps and correct the errors? 

  1. Microsoft are soon to drop support for AirSync (June 30th) and are redesigning its service on the Outlook 365 platform (assume Exchange ActiveSync)
  2. WLM 2012 cannot cope with the modern security protocol of Exchange ActiveSync and therefore you will have to stop using it 30 June 2016  if you have a hotmail, outlook, live or msn email address     >>>>  Q.  If this is the case then why cant one simply keep using IMAP/SMTP with older mail systems like WLM (assuming you don’t care about contacts and caledar sync)???
  3. em Client v6 has some issues with Exchange ActiveSync so we are advised to use v7 Beta in these scenarios which fully supports both AirSync for Calendar/contacts and IMAP/SMTP for mail. If you are not migrated (by microsoft) yet to the new system then em client v6 is fine to use still with Airsync alone.         >>> Q. if emClient V7 supports IMAP/SMTP with Airsync then why will WLM 2012 stop working June 30th as that uses IMAP/SMTP too.

Why are Microsoft making such a pigs ear out of this - its madness - GRRRRRRR

Also - and most importantly - If em Client V7 is the way to go and I install the Beta for them then what will happen when the Beta expires.  Is there an automatic migration path from the Beta to the Final release that is painless and simple for non technical customers.  Remember - these people pay me for my work and they will be most unhappy if I install a beta product and then have to return a month later and charge them for my work to upgrade them to the final release. 


Mine does still say on the left, so setting up for IMAP was appropriate for me.  I initially tried Exchange but it would not work for my Hotmail email account.  I will have to check Microsoft’s site from time to time (something I never do normally) to see when changes to Outlook Mail, so that I can switch to Exchange. Thanks for the tip!

  1. WLM uses Delta Sync by default to access Microsoft accounts.  That is the protocol that ceases working when accounts are moved over to Exchange Active Sync. 

In WLM the Microsoft accounts will have to be removed then set up again as iMAP or POP accounts, then they will continue to work fine.  But they will not “Sign in” in WLM and will have to use Local Calendar and Contacts.  WLM will never cope with Exchange Active Sync

Very unwise to install any Beta products on customer computers. 

Hi John,

thanks for the info.  I am happy to hear that WLM will still work for simple emails after the cessation of “DeltaSync”.  most of my clients only use the email feature anyway :slight_smile:

And… I completely agree about the Beta product. I was only going down that route because I thought there might be no other sensible option (other than to tell them to use WebMail). This is accepting the fact that Windows 8/10 “Mail” is in no way a sensible or viable option (which we all know is true but Microsoft seems to be conveniently ignoring in their crazy advice to upgrade older machines to W10 simply so the user can use it).

Still - more work for me when and if people go down this road. I guess I should put my hand out to Microsoft for increasing my income by a good 50% over the last year due to W10 issues, over aggressive upgrade prompting and W10 “Mail” being a bag of “shi******”    


John A. Thanks for the clarification.

May I just clarify one further thing please.

At the moment I have set up 1 x Hotmail account and 1 x email account and am trying out emclient before  plunging in  and buying 7 licences.

Both accounts are set up as IMAP and they work OK except for the Calendars which don’t sync but we do not use those so that is not a problem. Neither have airsync enabled.

Are you saying it will be necessary to delete those account and set them up using these details you posted yesterday?

"The second one is to connect through IMAP. Enter “” and port 993 in the incoming mail server settings and “” and port 587 in the outgoing server settings. Press ignore when the setup attempts to diagnose server status. After you’ve done that, go to IMAP tab in your account page and set your security policy to “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)”, then navigate to the SMTP tab and set your security policy to “Force usage of SSL/TLS”.


I didn’t write that bit in bold. That was David Adler 

When your account has been transferred to “Outlook Mail” you need to delete the iMAP account in EM Client then set the account up again in EM Client as an Exchange account Then your Calendar & Contacts will be back:

New Account > click Mail > click Exchange > Next

Enter email address in the first two fields and password > next

It will “Obtaining server configuration records” for maybe a few minutes - that will get the account Exchange details and you are done.

Be aware that I have only tested this on EM Client V7 Beta 2.

Many thanks that is now very clear.
I will wait until the syncing with WLM stops working then try the way you suggest.

I have now bought a licence so do have Pro-support if needed.

Btw, you do not have to actually delete the account in order to setup as an Exchange account.  You can simply uncheck Enable Account in the General tab under Tools/Accounts , then setup the new account to see if it works as you would expect.  If it does, then delete your old setup.  

Also, if you had any calendar events setup in a Hotmail or Outlook account in eM Client , you can drag and drop the events from those calendars within eM Client to the Local Folders calendar that it provides under Calendar.  Just something I recently learned to do to keep my events without having to deal with several email calendars.  Now I just have one, the Local Folder calendar.    

Works fine in eM Client 6 Pro, as well.

I am using Version 7 Beta 2.  I don’t have the option “Enable account” in Tools  > Accounts General.

That’s good to know