sync with

No worries.

Sorry to hear that.  They wanted me to beta test eM Client 7, but I just bought 6 Pro, and I know installing 7 will remove 6.  The two cannot exist at the same time on one computer.  I don’t want the hassle of trying to go back to 6, should I want to do so.

Are you saying that eM Client will support EAS (Exchange ActiveSync), including calendar and contacts sync?

I’ve see several comments about AirSync which I don’t believe is the same anymore as EAS, which is what will be used when they move addresses to Outlook Mail.

My address currently uses DeltaSync.

Also, does eM Client support local storage folders.  I can’t find that info anywhere and don’t want to assume anything.


Yes it does support EAS. I have it working very well on the two of my four Hotmail accounts that Microsoft have transferred over. EAS works faster than iMAP in EM Client with no server hiccups (so far).

Yes it does have Storage Folders.  And have imported storage folders from WLM and Thunderbird.

Thanks for the excellent quick response.  I have 1 IMAP test account and it is very slow on the combination of WLM 2012 and

I assume you are saying eM Client 7 beta has EAS.

eM Client 7 B2 is all I have tested.  Using the Exchange account option, eM Client sets the account up to access the Microsoft Servers using EAS

Thanks. I just downloaded version 6 and selected  I’ll try Exchange.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll see if I can figure out how to get 7 beta.

I tried the thing and it sort of works.  Seemed to only sync 1 saved folder.

This reply is for John A and David Adler, employee.

I downloaded beta v7 and used the Exchange setup process as described by John and David.  It worked, but the Accounts page in Tools show the connection is via Exchange Web Services ( rather than Exchange ActiveSync.  In fact eM Client, via email through [email protected], says EAS will not be supported but “We will release eM Client 7 with new implementation…”.  Is EWS expected to be supported by Outlook Mail (the new  I am not as familiar with the protocols since I retired from the business many years ago.

The account I’m testing is on Outlook Mail.

Any clarification either of you can provide would be appreciated.


To be clear, I am just a user, not employee of eM Client

This is indeed a saga!

Two of my four Hotmail accounts have been migrated to “the new infrastructure, powered by Office 365” (reference…)

These two accounts show the same Web Services server in eM Client as you.  The other two non-migrated accounts use iMAP.

Since both my migrated accounts work well (and with Calendar and Contacts syncing), I had assumed that these accounts are using EAS protocol. 

So I am now confused as you.  I guess that there are two ways of accessing this new infrastructure - using web services (as I now realise eM Client Exchange does) or EAS. 

  • Or do the web servers also use EAS?? 
  • Is there any problem with using the web services rather than EAS?
  • Does it matter whether web services or EAS is used?

I would be interested to know more detail from David Adler, but the bottom line is that my migrated accounts work!

I suppose all we can really say is that eM Client will work with migrated Microsoft accounts using the Exchange mail account setup.

John A - Thanks for your response.  Yes, I understood you are not an employee.  Based on the response I received from [email protected] (see above), it appears eM Client is going to do something, hopefully David Adler can shed some light on it, including what “…/Exchange.ams” is in the EWS configuration.

Unfortunately, my two msn accounts (not migrated) use DeltaSync and have thousands of emails in local folders.  I’ve now got to figure out how to set up some structured local email folders in eM Client.

Re local folder structure, right click on Local folders (or any folder therein) and choose New Folder

Thanks, I figured it out.  Local Folders were IN visible in Settings.

I am currently evaluating the current eM Client 6 for my private e-mail, precisely because of this WLM/outlook problem. Here’s what happened to me:

I have several accounts and the main one I use was migrated to Exchange several months ago, so the automatic account installation in eM Client didn’t work for that one. It found the folders but could not sync e-mails.

I then managed to install it using IMAP and SMTP as instructed here (it takes a very long time to churn through all the connection possibilities because eM doesn’t seem to let you enter full details such as port no. like the rest of the world does…but at least you can see that it is working) BUT then there was only e-mail, no calendar or anything else.

I then tried connecting as Exchange but didn’t know until I read it in this thread that the connection can take several minutes to establish (eM Client fails to tell you this, and you tend to give up after about 10 seconds because it doesn’t show you that it is working). After that it was just a few steps to finish the installation and everything now seems to work, syncing in both directions including calendar.

So, you don’t need 7 Beta for migrated, 6 is fine and if all goes well over the trial period I shall no longer have to regret the effective demise of WLM for, might even buy the full version to allow me more than 2 accounts.

It’s a good job that I found the hint here about the Exchange connection taking so inordinately long to establish, because I was all set to rate eM Client as being useless for and try Thunderbird instead. At my workplace new connections from the mail client to an Exchange server take very few seconds so I was not prepared for it taking several minutes (who would be?).The normal household PC user wanting to use it for would indeed have thrown it out as being useless!

By the way, I do have a version of WLM (Build 16.4.3564.1216) which DOES connect to my Exchange-migrated account and works (haven’t tried calendar yet though be). It’s on my old 32-bit system, upgraded free from Windows 7 Pro to 10, just for a laugh because the disk is faulty so it has to go. On my much newer Windows 7 64-bit system, which is the one I shall be keeping, WLM was installed from the last currently available installer but the build no. is lower and it will NOT connect to the account in question. I can’t find the higher Build no. anywhere on the Internet, either it or the relevant KB seems to have been killed and buried by MS. Wierd. Ask Bill Gates.