Sync settings between clients on different machines

I want to use eM Client on three different machines. Is there a way to sync settings and accounts between them?

Or do I have to make a backup and import it in the eM Client installation on the new machine?

You can only sync messages, events, tasks and contacts between the devices. To do that they should all be connected to the same IMAP or Exchange account.

However, you can copy the complete setup from one machine to another by backup and restore as you have mentioned. Another option, if you just want some settings, is to use Menu > File > Export > Export settings to xml file. Then whatever options you choose, you can import those onto the other devices. The advantage of the Export/Import option is that nothing else is overwritten on the target device, whereas a restore will completely replace everything.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I know how IMAP works but it hasn’t anything to do with syncing the settings of eM client.

The XML export/import is a good thing to do it manually.
I’ll try that.

If you are using the IceWarp Desktop Client, which is a rebranded version of eM Client for IceWarp servers, you will have additional sync options other than what you normally get with IMAP or Exchange.


I am replying to this thread after viewing the following question:

My intention is to set up automatic export/import of rules on Windows login through google drive. The main painpoint is email rules, however settings would also be nice to preserve. Would you have an idea of automatic export/import by chance? It can also be a shortcut, or plain replacement of a file in emclient format, or anything else, just need it to be automated. 

Thank you!