Sync event-colors from google calendar

It would be nice to give the events in the calendar single colors instead of the whole calendar one unique color. I use only one calendar (google calandar) and in the browser the google calendar is much better to view because of the different colors.

syncing event colors from google calendar is not currently possible, but you can categorize it in eM Client after synchronization.

hello, is there any progress on this ?


Unfortunately this is not possible, Calendar colours can be synchronized but with events there is problem that there is no way how we can send data about it’s colour.

So until Google will add variable for this we will implement it as well,


Don’t blame Google anymore! The Calendar 5 Appl for iPad has an Event Color field that synchonizes perfectly with Google Calendar. So there’s clearly a field in Google Calendar than synchonizes. eM Client is great! Except for this. So please, please, please try to synchonized event colors! Thanks, Jono

Hi, thank you for your suggestion, we’ll consider improving this in future releases.

Thank you,

I would also very much like to see this feature.  I have calendar apps on my Nexus 5 and iPad which correctly display google calendar colours and allow syncing of colours in both directions.  Colour coding of different types of event (in month view particularly) is really important to me and helps a lot in viewing my calendar.

Please consider adding this to eM Client.  Thanks for the great app, I really like it a lot.

+1.  I use color extensively to categorize my calendars events.  It is extremely inefficient use of my time to have to do this twice manually (once on gmail, then again in em).  These tools should make us more efficient, not less.

Hiya, Any progress on this? I really need this too!

Same question, what’s the status on the color sync?