Sync EM Client preferences between two computers?

I finished setting eM Client on my home computer how I like it (calendar colors, view, columns, toolbars, fonts, rules, etc…) and now I want to install it on my work laptop and I don’t want to go through all the hassle to doing it all over again, is there a way to sync those settings (preferences) on to the other computer?

Backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” which creates a file in your user profile documents folder. You can see where the folder is via "“Menu / Settings / General / Backup”

Once you have the file install eM Client on the other computer, and the copy the file to the same backup folder as your first computer and then open eM Client.

Skip the email setup wizard and then click “Menu / File / Restore” and select your dated backup which will then restore everything the same config and accounts etc as on your first computer.

If you then want to run eM Client on both computers at the same time, you will need either a second free or paid licence depending if your have a personal or business use email address.

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Man! You have no idea how greatefull I am! I appreciate it!