Keep em Client Pro in syns between two systems

I have purchased two pro licenses. I would like to be able to keep em Client mail, rules, folders, etc, in sync between thew two systems. Likewise if I add a 3rd system I would like that to be kept in sync as well.

I was able to do this with a batch script when I used Mozilla and later SeaMonkey but don’t know how I can do this with em Client Pro.

Ideally I should be able to designate a master and 1 or more slave systems that em Client pro would keep synchronized on a regular basis.

You normally use IMAP type accounts on all devices as is designed for that purpose.

See the below thread on the subject.

If you are trying to sync local eM Client database folders, see the below thread on the subject.

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As @cyberzork mentioned IMAP will do this, partially. IMAP will sync your messages between multiple devices, but not your settings and Rules. With IMAP, the server is always the master.

If you have a Pro Business License, using the License Manager you can sync many settings through our server. In this case the server is also the master, so if you change something on a client, it will later be overwritten by what is on the server. This is useful in a business environment where you want standard signatures across all or some computers, and is easily updated in just one place and then distributed to all nominated clients.

Depending on the type of server you have, you can save your eM Client Rules on the server. This currently works with Exchange (including Office 365) and IceWarp servers. If you don’t use those servers, you may be able to create server-side filters instead of Rules. You will need to configure those using the webmail interface for your provider. These will apply to any device that connects to that account, as the filters would have run on the server before the client connects.

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