Email synchronization between two computers

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Before I purchase Pro licence, I want to know whether it is possible to download my emails to one computer with emclient and access those emails from another computer. 

Also, if I have multiple accounts, how can I have local folders for each account?


The pro license entitles you to install on three machines.
When you have installed and configured your accounts on both machines at the opening of one or the other synchronization occurs.
You have your mails on identical machines.
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I believe it will work for IMAP protocol. How about POP, where we have limited space on our email server,therefore we need to download the emails to one computer and then synchronise those email to other computers. 

How about the local folders for multiple accounts

Does anyone has a solution?

Hi Sanka,
I’m afraid that if you download your mails to the local folders on one computer, you will not be able to access them from the other one. If you want to access all your emails from different devices, you will need to keep a copy of the message on the server (IMAP, so it would synchronize).

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How about having local set of local folders for each account on one computer. Is it possible?

Yes, you can put anything you want in the local folder yourself or even set up a rule for it.

I purchased licenses for 4 devices. The first device I have Sign in multiple mailboxes. How do I see them on other devices without Signing in all my email on the original device again? Thanks!

I am not sure if this is a “officially supported solution”:

  • Go to menusettingsstorage. There you find your database directory.
  • Install your allowed instance of emClient on a second computer.
  • Do not set up any accounts, only check the database directory of this instance before closing it.
  • Copy the database directoryof your first instance into the directory of the second.
  • On starting your second instance, you should find a 1:1 synchronized setup.

→ be aware that “synchronization” ends at this moment. Sent e-mails are NOT copied into the respective other device.

Without warranty, but in my case this worked well a few times (new laptop, new pc, new hard disk)

I personally have decided it as a better solution to use a “primary” client (pop3 for archive etc) and “secondary” clients with IMAP. In the beginning, I had an IMAP account parallel to the pop3 account to copy “sent” mails manually from “secondary” to “primary”. Meanwhile, I switched over to sending relevant e-mails from “secondary” with “BCC” additionally to “primary”.