Support for Google contacts and improved support for Google calendar

We are working on support for Google tasks and contacts and improved support for Google calendar, what do you think?

That’s great

Once that happens and you get an archive button that works like gmails does then eM client will become my one and only desktop email client.

Once that happens and you get an archive button that works like gmails does then eM client will become my one and only desktop email client.

That would make emclient a lot better than any mail client I’ve seen for gmail.

Great news! Make sure you support shared calendars!
Ah and drop this useless Properties window you have for calendars right now, it’s not only confusing but half of it does not even work at all (ie Access Control)! BTW Folders/Default folder setting for Calendars is completely meaningless (under Accounts), get rid of it.

Fantastic! That’s the one thing that prevents me from moving forward with purchase.

A must have… Good show.

That would be great - but what about supporting importing contacts from Skype as well? since you guys have SKype supported that should be enabled as well…

if its ‘google apps’ contact/calerdar/task sync , that will be great and valuable!

Are this new features implemented on version 2.6?

We plan this to version 2.7, however we found out recently that google tasks (todo lists) are not accessible with Google API, so we can’t access them. But we can fully sync Google contacts and we work on that functionality.

Thanks for quick reply.

EM Client’s calendar feature was the tipping point in my decision to try it. If the CalDAV issues are worked out (particularly for Google’s Calendar service), it’s probably what will keep EM Client installed on my system. For me, strong calendaring features are higher priority than task or contact sync. An export contact/tasks to CSV feature would be satisfactory.

At least basic CalDAV functionality is working, even with shared secondary calendars. When testing Google calendar to EM Client sync, I kept forgetting to specify the secondary calendar when creating appointments, and thought the problem might be with EM Client.

Great work, all! Looks like I found a new favorite PIM.

Thats what I’m waiting for: full synchronisation between GMail and eM Client:

we work on contacts and currently rewriting Google calendar support for Google API (because their CalDAV implementation is terrible). Tasks integration is not possible at the moment, because Google hasn’t published any API to their tasks, so currently there is no way how to achieve this. See…

Google contact support is what I’m waiting for - any ETA or is there a beta available?

V2.6.7 only does Google contact import, no synch. This is not what is says on the tin, which says “We synch with everyone.”
Import ain’t synch.

I don’t know how it works, but I have an Android phone now and there is an application available in the Market that syncs Gmail Tasks. It’s called GTasks and it’s made by Dato ( Maybe that developer can help…

I have 4 kids in different sports and have google calendars for each as well as work. Have not had success in sync. with google calendars. This is the one of the most important features for me.