Support drag and dropping to other sotfwares

Drag and dropping only works with the windows file explorer, It doesn’t work with other windows softwares such as word or web applications with Google Chrome.
It would be great to be able to drag and drop to any software.


In these days (talking about post-Corona, 2021) it is more and more possible to drag and drop e.g. images, attachments etc from one application to another. So. the use of dragging images from an eMail into a webapplication should be a fantastic function, which could be used by a lot of people.
Is it possible to make this happen?

It is astounding that such a basic feature is not supported. The workaround via explorer is a real obstacle in the workflow. Der eM Client team - please fix this!

You can normally drag browser or other file manager stuff (first to the desktop) and (then drag it to eM Client when I tested doing that previously in Windows 10 and Win 11.

I don’t know about Mac OS.

The problem is that there is many different browser and file manager type formats and extensions that are not allways standard with dragging straight into other clients like eM Client.

So would take alot of work to make eM Client do that with every type of file type or picture format extention etc 100% from browsers or other different file managers directly other than the default OS file manager or via the desktop first.

Please add full drag’n’drop support for attachments in Windows. Ability to drag an attachment from the eM Client window to another program to open or copy it (just like in Apple Mail or in Ms Outlook).

I also miss this feature (macOS). I know the following behaviour from my main mail client:

  • Target text field: a “message://” URI is inserted. When this URI is called, the mail is searched for and opened in the mail client. A feature I use regularly. I would also like to have this in the eM Client.

  • An app that accepts files (e.g. Finder, FTP client, archiving tool): the mail is copied as an eml file with the subject as the title.

I don’t know how it is in Windows, but in macOS drag’n’drop has been pretty well standardised for decades. You almost get DnD for free from the operating system frameworks. Now, of course, the question would be whether you can build macOS features into eM Client so easily.

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Yes agree @mbrasch the Mac OS was built well from the ground up and very well integrated for drag and drop into most other Mac applications directly usually without issues in OSX now too.

Bit like the prev Steve Jobs NeXTSTEP OS on his famous cube desktop & had drag and drop into pretty much any app with voice too, as I and my bro had black & colours versions of these at unis here. What an amazing OS thanks to Steve (RIP).

Ps Wish I could afford to buy a colour cube NeXT

This feature request is about dragging attachments from eM Client to other applications. It works for dropping files in explorer. But for me it would be important to take attachments from e-mails and drop them right into my document management system.

Right now, I have to drop them in a temporary folder or the desktop, take them again and drop them into DMS. Dropping straight works perfectly from Thunderbird, Outlook, etc., but not from eM Client.

Can you name the application you are trying to drop the attachment to?

I trying to make it work with using Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Chrome. None of them works when dragging a file from em Client. However, as mentioned above, all three of them support dropping attachments from Thunderbird.

I also know about Docutain Desktop (Docutain - Windows-Desktop: Intuitives Dokumentenmanagement) not working with eM Client.

So you are not dragging it to a desktop app, but to a website?

In the case of fileee: Yes, it’s a web-site
In the case of docutain: No, it’s a desktop app

It’s like this: an eMail contains attachments like images, pdfs etc. I want to move/copy this attachment in a browser webform and that doesn’t do anything.

It works when dragging the attachment to the Windows explorer in order to save the attachment. But dragging into a browser-webform not.

Does it now work with em client 9 ?
If not: Sorry, no Money!


Does it now work with em client 9 ?

What are you trying to drag and drop into eM Client V9 and from where ?

(Windows 11)
I want to drag and drop an attachment-image from emclient to a webpage in my browser (chrome/brave). This works from inline images in emclient, from windows file explorer, from whatsapp, any other app.

Agree! this is crazy. Such a basic and well used feature of almost every other client. Just spend 3 days fine tuning emClient away from MacMail…I love it…but then ran into this. Makes it unusable in 2022. How can we request the feature be added to road map?


I want to drag and drop an attachment-image from emclient to a webpage in my browser (chrome/brave)

Is this to drop it into an browser based email ?

Or for use in some other web based program ?

There has been a change in the email-drag-and-drop, since last updates:

  • When an Email contains an image in the emailbody, then the drag and drop to a web-based-program does NOT work anymore. It used to work, see my post of nov '22
  • When an Email contains an image as attachment, then the drag and drop to a web-based-program DOES work. It used to not work, see my post of nov '22

So, it seems to be the best, when both methods work.

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