Strange Attachments

Hi all,

eM Client Version - 8.0.2951

I’m getting strange attachments (BIN) when receiving emails for Apple users. Their signature is in one of the bin files. Others are empty with just LF and CR’s

It’s probably something related to email client on sender’s side.
Look at size of these attachments. Try to open any of them in Notepad - it’s probably just filename or other text additional information about other, real attachments.

As I said the attachments are text, either just CR and LF’s or the text of the senders signature. In Outlook OR Version 7 of eM Client I see the complete message, including their signature and only JPG attachments.
Why are other email clients different from eM Client Version 8?

I suspect the .bin files are just the way EM Client 8 interprets the Mac Server sending email attachment format. The Mac sent mail is in some specific Mac “mime email format” & the .bin files are just part of those. You would normally ignore the .bin files and just open the real attachments in this case the .jpg files. I suspect that if you received that email in Mac Mail you wouldn’t see the .bin files at all. Just ignore the .bin files in EM Client 8.

As @homeap says if you want to view the .bin files & you have Windows open them in Notepad.

While I completely understand and agree with what you are saying, I think you are missing my point.

If I don’t get any strange (BIN) attachments in EM 7 or Outlook, why do I get them in EM 8?

@Greg_Hines Its three possibilities.

Either EM V7 had something built-in to suppress them (which is not likely).


EM Client V8 is now showing everything correctly in the sent email (as it should) with different types of Mail server formats.


The Mac sending mail format has changed so EM Client V8 is now picking up the .bin files associated with the attachments.

Note:- I have seen .bin files with certain sent emails with attachments before. Maybe EM Client can have an option in Settlings down the track to suppress them. All depends on how many other peeps worry about seeing them.

Here is an example of how some PDF’s are showing in EM V8. They show just fine in Outlook.

Same email in EM V7

Seems to me something has changed for the worse in EM V8

This is something I have been experiening as well from certain sender. @Greg_Hines as you state the files open fine in Webmail and iOS (Iphones) but when downloaded to the eM Client they become corrupted.

INhave written a post about this here The dreaded attachments showing as .bin file - #10 by steveshank

@Greg_Hines & @Chris_W1

I’m getting strange attachments (BIN) when receiving emails for Apple users. Their signature is in one of the bin files. Others are empty with just LF and CR’s

Have you tested this with the latest V9 release of eM Client from those same Apple Mail senders ?

I’d like to know what the mail client of that sender is. My personal wild speculation is that it is Outlook which is very easy to mis-configure to send out stuff only outlook can read. Once you know what the email client is on that end and their OS, then we can try and figure out why the two systems cannot communicate.

Your probably right as to which email client (Outlook) is the cause. If that is the case then it might be related to this:

Of course if what he is saying is true where it works in eM Client v7, but not in eM Client v8, then I would probably put in a support ticket. Trying v9 is another option to see if it might have been fixed in the latest version.