Still receiving notifications about past events

Hello community,
I am using the lastest em Client on my M1 Mac to sync my CalDAV. Everytime I start em Client for the first time it will pop up a notification about appointments in the past.
I will prompt me the notification after I just restart eM Client randomly too. There is no pattern when it will show the notification. For sure it shows the notification when the Mac is started and eM Client is startet for the first time after the start of the Mac. But just sometime when just restarting eM Client.
And when it started no matter if it showed the notification at start or not it will randomly show the notification after some time. I cannot tell an exact amount of time because it seems to be kinda random but I would guess something like an hour

Does anybody have the same weird behavior? And maybe have a solution for this bug(or feature?) I tried to reinstall the client, use another calDAV and even completly reset my Mac.

Thanks in advance.


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Any update on how notifications work? I also have a lot of past events notifying me every time I close and open the app. I usually don’t close my PC nor EM Client, but when do a reset or need to free mem I do, and when open it again, notifications pop up.
I am using Windows and Exchange with other IMAP accounts.

Hello, I have same problem on Windows 10.

I get lot of notifications about past events. Again and again. Until I manually dismiss each of this notification (Windows function dismiss all notifications just snooze it for a while).

eMClient 8.2.1473
CalDAV calendar

Yes, if you are not dismissing the notification, it will come back again.

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And is there a way how to dismiss all of them at once? It’s very, very tedious to click dismiss to teach notification separately. Or some setting which disable notification for past events?

You can try the following to remove the notifications setting from past events.

Go to the Calendar section of eM Client and switch to the Agenda view. You will see the icon on the toolbar after Day - Week - Month.

Uncheck “Hide Past” option by clicking on that icon. You should be able to see all your past events.

Select all past events for which you want to dismiss notifications.

Open context menu by right clicking any of selected events and chose "Reminder > No Reminder

I have like…300 and this is after the event already sent a notification…makes no sense.
Is there a way to avoid notifications for past events in general?

I wonder if this past notification issue on Mac is only with specific type of accounts, or does it happen with any account setup ?.

Happens on Windows here. Not sure why this is even “a thing”. Who cares about events from 5 months ago? I’d like the option to only notify about current/upcoming events and not those from the past. Example, I just randomly (after the machine being on for several hours) got a notification from May this year.

Hello Gary, this is the only way to stop receiving past notifications?
Today I had to wait 5 minutes before it stops notificating me about past events.

How we can solve this?

I seriously do not understand why this has not the highes priority. eM Client is literally unusable for me. Since a few days it even starts playing the notification sound and not showing anything.
What is even the reason for showing events weeks/months/years ago? Makes no sense to me.
I am very dissapointed in how this issue is tackled by the developer. It should be obvious that this behaviour is a huge bug that needs to be tackled asap.

I have the same issue. I receive sometimes old notifications again and again. This is super annoying. I reported it maybe 1,5 years ago. But nothing happened.
I am using a Win10 + latest official emClient + WebDav(nextcloud)
If this happens again I’ll try to record a video.

Is anything being done about this? I’m still randomly getting reminders for old events - in no particular order. These are completely useless and just annoying to have to keep clicking through. Just make teh default “Not show reminders for events in the past”. If someone really wants to see random popups for events from 5 years ago, they can choose to turn that feature on?

Are you dismissing the notifications, or just closing them?

With which calendar provider is the calendar that has these events synced?

Windows 10 here.
I will work on my computer in the shop (emClient) for several days.
Then I am away from that computer potentially for a week or so on a video shoot and post-production on a completely separate computer and location. There I manage (dismiss) all my notifications and manage my email, mostly via my phone or web-interface.
I come back to the shop, open emClient and have to individually, one-by-one, dismiss all of the week+ of notifications from my time away.
I do not need ANY notifications of ANY past event…period.
We are looking for a way to tell eMClient to automatically dismiss/suppress/whatever all notifications for past events not previously dismissed.


Same here. I dismiss them all when they appear. It seems like it just randomly decides to show reminders from the past where I might not have been on my PC when they occurred (I don’t use EM Client on my Macbook, which I take with me to the office - I work on my PC at home, which does have EM Client). I literally just clicked through 8 from last month that appeared, one after another. Please make the default to not show old reminders from the past. It makes no sense to show them. I’m using Google mail and linked to a Google calendar here on 3 accounts.

…just installed eM on my new laptop (via backup>restore) and this problem just began! Never had this before, running eM for over a year now! Please get this fixed!

FYI: they are always the same 23 notifications I keep clicking away with the “X” - I do not want to “dismiss” them because it might behave strange and send an update to all clients for this past event (which is not very professional) as randy stated in Calender reminder/notification keeps popping up even if event is from past - #33 by Randy_Meyer

If you don’t dismiss a notification, it will come back again and again and again.

Notifications do not send updates to participant/attendees of the event. It is only a notification for you on your computer.