Spell Check Latest Free Version 8.1

I installed the latest version of eM Client today and discovered when using the spell check the word or phrase being checked is not highlighted in the document as is the norm with all spell checks. Please advise a fix or an update to correct this glitch in this version.



This has already been addressed on the forum. Please see my comment:

Thanks, Gary. Any notion as to when a fix or V8.2 will be out?


The fix has not yet made it to the testing version of 8.2, nor is there any indication of when 8.2 will be released. Sorry Jim.

Does this problem exist in the paid version, Pro Individuals? And am I reading the description correctly,: the fee is a one-time charge with lifetime updates, not a yearly or per-version fee?

There is only one application, so it is the same regardless of what license is activated. The Free License simply disables a few features, but spell checking is not one of them.

There are two versions of the Pro License:

  1. Standard Pro License is a one-time payment and allows you to use the current version (8) indefinitely.

  2. Pro License with Lifetime upgrades is a one-time payment and allows you to use the current version and all future versions indefinitely.

There is a third option that allows you to upgrade just for one version, so you can upgrade your version 7 license to a version 8 license. That will not allow you to use the license with version 9 without an additional upgrade purchase.

Thanks for your prompt responses. I’ve been using eM Client for many years. I’m sure you can understand my disappointment at learning of this dilemma.

Stay healthy,