Spell check not as good in Version 8

I briefly tried the latest version 8.1 yesterday and noticed the spell check doesn’t underline text in red or scroll down automatically as it checks the spelling. Is there a setting to make this work like version 7 did?

Are you using the current version of eMC?
You can check here: https://www.emclient.com/release-history

Yes 8.1.979.0
Is this the way yours is working?

Mine (8.1.973) is functioning like this

Yes it is.
It should be corrected in v8.2 (in February if my recollection is good). This recent conversation is related to the subject.

@sunriseal: I think OP is referring to manual spellcheck mode.

Well if he is he should make that known in the original post… my crystal ball has never worked well :wink: :grinning:

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While in the message of an email I hit F7 and the spell checker box comes up. No text is red like in version 7 and it doesn’t auto-scroll if I have a long email. I hope they fix this. I’ll stay with v7 until they do

So far the fix has not made it into the 8.2 test build. There is still time, so maybe . . .

Once again my crystal ball fails me…

Here ya go Al. This is what it should look like, but the red underline does not appear in 8.1


Thanks, but I do not use F7… I get a spellcheck error I fix it…
Had I known that the OP was referring to that I would have given it a try…
Once again MY crystal ball needs to be replaced :wink: :grinning:

I’m the same, but there are those who like to run the spell checker manually. Fortunately eM Client gives a choice. :wink:

I was not trying to take sides with those that do and those that don’t use a certain option. But when there are several ways to do certain things it sure would be helpful for the person asking for help to define what the hell they used.

Without that I ‘assumed’, because that is what I use, it was the auto spell check. So I go about trying to recreate what the OP was seeing. Now that takes time and I report it back to the OP so he can see it does work and hope that at that point he may add more detail…

After a while doing this it gets frustrating seeing a problem post with very little detail. Thus, my “crystal ball” analogy…

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The Spell Cherice is very important to me, because I tend to type real fast, making lots of mistakes, knowing the spell checker will fix them. I have many long emails so the scrolling is also very important.

It’s vital that I see the words in red, because many times the spell checker is suggesting the wrong fixes. So I’m curious v8 has been out for more than 6 months has the Spell Checker always been this way in v8? Or is it a new bug or oversight?

It is a bug and will be fixed in 8.2

I was looking at the release history the last release was on 12/29. Any speculation when 8.2 may be out? Days? Weeks? month?

The only clue we have is sometime in February, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Works perfectly and also does the scrolling.

thanks for the notification