Spell-check and email addresses? Really?!

This one got me laughing, then a tad annoyed.  The spell-checker in EMC seems just wee-bit over enthusiastic - it wants to check email addresses and names!  I mean when replying, not when just typing them in a message.  I didn’t see it when searching, is this not already a known problem?  Or is it considered NOT a problem?  

That is very strange, it absolutely does not do that for me and I have not heard of this before.  Does it do it with every email address or just certain ones?

Every email address and every reply!  I sent you a screenshot so you can see what I mean - I don’t have the time to blur out the personal info to post here - but I’m definitely not imagining it! LOL  

At this point I have to disable spell check entirely, which SUCKS because there doesn’t appear to be a way to manually spell check an email!  Gosh but that seems so obvious to me!  Maybe because in my prime days there was no automatic spell check it was always manual!  LOL  But I don’t think a single personal email I send to friends/relatives would pass spell check and I honestly don’t want it on 100% of the time!!!

[EDIT:  I’m apparently working with very few firing neurons today!  There -IS- a way to spell check manually by customizing the compose toolbar!  GAH! SORRY!]

PS: I’m thinking I need to apply for a job, work for minimum wage, just let me address some of these things! LOL