Sorting tasks by start date


If I don’t put an end date for a task, I can’t sort by start date.
Is there a solution to this problem?

You may need to add the Start Date to the columns.

  1. Right-click on the column header and choose Columns Configuration.
  2. Select Start
  3. Add it to the right column and click on OK.

  1. Click the new Start column to sort by that field.

Thanks, it works fine.

When I do not indicate an end date, I do not see the task in the right pane of the calendar or the mails (Agenda).
There is also a solution?

If there is no due date, in version 8 the task will be displayed at the top of the Agenda pane.

In version 9 we moved that to the end, under a section called Someday.

Thank you for your answer but it is not very practical.
I’m actually trying to fix the issue reported here : Recurring Task behaviour - eM Client

I have exactly the same problem
I use my Outlook account to sync my tasks.