Sorting mail by sent date and time?

I can’t seem to find a way to sort my folders based on the time the content was sent - received, for sure, but that doesn’t leave things organised simply because my mail provider doesn’t deliver mail based on the order they received it - so I see random sequencing of e-mail based on the whim of our mail provider.

Have I missed something? If so, please educate me. If not, then adding ‘sent’ as a sort parameter for organising folders would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

You sort mail by any column title (in order or in reversed order) by clicking on the columns titles:

  • “From”: if you want to sort email by sender (alphabetically)
  • “Subject”: also alphabetically
  • “Received”: by date and time (latest or oldest)
  • Etc.

You can do this in any folder you would like to (Inbox, Sent, Trash, etc.)

Hope it answers your question.

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By default, Sent is not a sort option for the Inbox.

But you can enable it but right-click on a column header (1) and choosing Configure Columns (2).

Then select Sent (3) and Add (4).


Once you click on OK, you will have the option to sort the Inbox by Sent.



Good to know. Thanks @Gary.

Not to forget also to set “Default date sort order” as “New messages on top” in Settings / Mail / Read / Message List.

Thank you very much for the information

And thanks to you for the follow-up.