Display the subject above the sender?

Is there a way to display the subject above the sender in the message list? It’s an option in Outlook, hoping it would also be an option in eM but I don’t see anything.

Many thanks.

No I don’t believe you can do that specific customization. However someone will update this thread if you can.

You can however eg: sort mail folders by “Subject” using the Columns Configuration as in @gary example of the Sent items to show sent items in the drop-down menu in the Inbox folder as in the following thread.

Sorting mail by (Sent date & Time).

Note: Most mailers do display the Subject under the Sender as has been the standard in mailers for years now.

Right-click on the column header (next to Sorted by) and choose Columns Configuration.

Change the order in the right column by clicking on Subject, then the arrow to move it above From.


The result:


This is perfect! Exactly what I was after, thank you!

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