Sorting contacts

In FREE EmClient v9.0.17, if CONTACTS is accessed from Menu (top left corner); Tools; Contacts; a sorted list shows; however, if accessed from the ellipsis (bottom left, on the right of the MAIL tool), a list displays containing two alphabetical lists that are seamlessly joined, neither of them is identical to the one accessed from MENU. How can I get that to sort alphabetically into only ONE list ? Else I’d like to learn the significance of having three different lists, each separately sorted.


I can find no way to open a window such as shown in

The sorting option is not synced between the two.

In the Contacts window (Ctrl + B) you can choose the sorting criteria (1) and which folders you want to include in the list (2).


In the Contacts section of eM Client (Ctrl + 4) you also have a sorting option (1). The contacts that are displayed in that view are dependent on what folders are ticked in the sidebar (2).

CTRL B gives me the result that you show, however CTRL 4 lacks the details that show in ‘your’ left pane - mine is empty. I can see that ‘2’ points to two entries : ‘My Contacts’ and ‘Contacts’; as I said they are missing from my CTRL 4.
I don’t understand the difference between ‘My Contacts’ and ‘Contacts’.
In My CTRL 4, I can get different lists depending on the ‘Sorted by’ criterion, but what persists is TWO alphabetical lists seamlessly joined; what is the significance of two lists and how can I reduce it to one ?

Well, they will be different depending on what you have named the folders, or with which provider they are synced. The point is whichever folders are ticked, contacts from those will be displayed to the right.

I have no idea what you are describing. Sorry.
Maybe a screenshot would help?

That left pane is empty so there are no folder names there to tick.

There is ONE list with entries from A to Z and then again A to Z - the screen shot shows the seamless join from Z to A; the last entry from the first list followed by the first entry of the second.

It turns out that entries in the second part of the seamlessly joined list are sorted on email address because the name field was left empty. Once the name is typed into the entries, they sort correctly, and so the second part of the list disappears.

Unfortunately the screenshot is of no use because there is no context of where this is displayed in eM Client or even if it is in eM Client. It could be any email application, or even just a text document.

I hope you realise that the problem of the seamless join has been solved.
However, the lack of content in the left pane when CONTACTS is open is NOT solved.