Contact Sorting

How do I sort my contacts by “Surname”?

Add a column, ‘Last Name’ then click on it.


Yes when in “List” you can add the “Surname” and it sorts by last name first. However in “People” there is no option to chose “Surname”. I am using Ver. 8.0 by the way.

Sorry other than ‘Contacts’ list I’m not sure what you mean by ‘People’ list.

If you click on “Contacts” bottom left the page has a tool bar at top. There is a “people” icon which takes you to your contacts complete with avatars. I cannot sort this view by “Surname”. It only sorts by the first name? If I select the “List” icon then I can sort in any order I wish.

Really like to see one more option added to the sort on “People” page under “Contacts”. Please add “Surname”.

Thank you!

I understand what you are trying to do and I tried sorting in list but it doesn’t stick when you switch back to people. Fortunately I input my date first name/surname.
Can’t recall if version 7 and earlier had ‘People’ option available in contacts can you confirm?

Found something that might work for you this will rearrange the order of your listed People names…Annotation 2020-06-30 014313

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Hey there “fitness”!

Thanks for the comeback. I have tried that but it does not work? I am not sure but I would think that 90% of the users would prefer the sort by “Surname”. It is a lot easier than looking for a “Given” name.

They need to add “Surname” to the sort on the “People” page. Right now they have “Full Name, Icon, File As, Details & Tag.” Even the secondary sort has the same options?

The sort in the “List” page works fine but curious as to why it does not stick in the “people” option.

Thanks for trying to figure this out. I have tried everything and cannot get them to sort by last name.

I’m of the impression you have all your contacts listed as ‘given name/surname’. If you auto reverse all your entries from ‘given name/surname’ to ‘surname/given name’ by how I showed you then by default this is how I would expect you should see it in both ‘people’ and ‘list’.

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That would be well over 150 entries! There has to be a better way. Not even sure that would work?

Did you try to click on the button ‘Update Contacts’ to choose the option to reverse…I believe it will auto change all entries.