Snoozed emails stay in GMail inbox

Hi all,

I used GMail for many years and thinking about a switch to eM Client. I love the interface and how it interacts with GMail, however, I can’t figure out some things. So bear with my posting multiple questions here in the forum, but I need your eM wisdom.

I use emails like tasks. This means that my inbox only has a few messages which I need to answer the same day. All other emails I postpone (snooze) to other days. I make heavy use of this feature.

I already learned in the forum that the GMail snooze function does not sync wit the eM Client snooze function. I can live with that.

But because I use the Gmail-App as well, I need that the inboxes are the same, and this is sadly not the case. Let me explain:

When I snooze an E-Mail in eM Client (e.g. postpone it to next week Monday), it’s no longer in the inbox folder in eM Client but in the Snoozed folder.That’s perfect. BUT: it stays in the GMail inbox. Even when I remove the inbox labe in eM Client, it stays in the GMail inbox. Consequently, the 50 snoozed emails I have at the moment are all still in the GMail inbox, which is a mess. Both inboxed should be the same.

I expected that when I snooze an email in eM Client that it get’s archived in GMail. And at the “unsnooze-day” it’s moved back to the inbox in eM Client and maybe also, when having internet access, to the GMail inbox.

Can you tell me if this is a known problem, if I set up something wrong, or if there is a workaround?

Many thanks!

Using eM Client when you Snooze and email from the Inbox, it no longer shows in the Inbox and will only show that email then “in the Snooze folder” and also “All Mail” in eM Client as its designed.

However, if you open Gmail online in a browser, it “will still show in the Inbox” as eM Client Snooze folder “does not sync” with the Gmail online Snooze folder.

If your saying though when you snooze and email in eM Client Gmail inbox and it “still shows” in the Gmail Inbox in eM Client after snoozing, then you have some issue with your installation of eM Client and might need to uninstall and reinstall it.

When i snooze Gmail emails from the Inbox using eM Client they no longer show in the Inbox in eM Client until i Un Snooze them as per the example screenshot below.

(Email before snoozing in the Gmail Inbox)

(After i Snoozed it, it no longer shows in the Gmail Inbox and only in the Snooze Folder & All Mail).

(Snoozed Gmail Inbox Email showing the Snooze Folder)

(Snoozed Gmail Inbox Email showing in All Mail folder)

Many thanks for your detailed answer!

Exactly this is the problem. I’m used to have only the emails in my inbox which I need to answer today. Let’s say, there are 5 emails in the inbox. All other emails I snooze. Let’s say, there are 50 snoozed emails. That works in eM Client. I don’t want to use the GMail Browser version, however, I need to use the GMail Android App when I’m not in the office. Thus, I would have 55 emails there in the inbox (instead of the 5) and it’s a mess…

I tried to archive the snoozed emails, however, in this case they don’t show again in the inbox (not even in eM client) when unsnoozed.

I can’t use the snooze function if the emails remain in the inbox of the Gmail Android App.

Did I understand these procedure correctly? And is there any workaround?

I can’t use the snooze function if the emails remain in the inbox of the Gmail Android App

The answer is the upcoming eM Client mobile app which presumable will also have the same Snooze as the Desktop client. See the below thread on the upcoming app, which if you look near the end of the thread shouldn’t be too far away now for testing purposes.

(Mobile alternatives - Mail - eM Client)

The Snooze function is for eM Client only. It syncs the snooze across different installations of eM Client, but it is not the same as the Google Snooze function. It does not sync snoozed messages in eM Client with the snooze function in the web interface or Google app.

Yes, I’ve understood that and that wouldn’t be a huge problem. However, my “GMail Android app inbox” shouldn’t be messed up with snoozed emails. Maybe a solution could be:

  1. I snooze an email in eM client
  2. The snoozed email receives the label “snoozed” and is “archived”
  3. Now, the snoozed email wouldn’t be in my “GMail Android app inbox” any longer
  4. At the unsnooze point, the email comes back to inbox (at least in eM client) and the label “snoozed” is removed
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I completely second the issue of @Lorenz. For business, I use Outlook with SimplyFile of TechHit, which works perfect: there’s a Snooze-folder where messages are moved to (and from when unsnoozing). This helps organizing mail much more than current eM client, where on my phone I still get all snoozed messages.
Independent of the upcoming mobile eM Client, this could be fixed in desktop client as well, to help user who prefer other e-mail apps on their phone.

I want to share good news with you! The snooze function does work with the latest version of the emclient Android app! :smiley:

If you snooze an email in the desktop client, it is moved to the snooze folder in the desktop client AND in the app. Thus, the inboxes in the app and in the client hold the same emails. That’s perfect!

However, currently it doesn’t work the other way round: When I snooze an email in the app, it is removed from the inbox in the desktop client but it is not in the snooze folder there. But the app is still an early test and I’m sure this will be fixed.

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Send that feedback to on the Snooze problem with the Droid app.

Thanks! But: I’ve tested it again today and now it works in both direction! Perfect! :slight_smile:

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