Snooze for Email Messages

Any chance we’ll see a “snooze” option for email messages?  It’s really handy to be able to “snooze” a mail message and have it reappear in the inbox at a set time just like for calendar events.  I just started using EM Client, and I don’t see that option.

Hello Mike,
this is unfortunately not an available feature in eM Client.
I’ll change your thread topic to an Idea thread, so that our developers may consider this as a feature request when they check the forum and perhaps implement it in the future.



+1 for this feature. I use it every days in Mailbird.

Ideally the snooze informations should be shared between all my instances of eM Client. What I mean is:
suppose I have installed one instance of em Client on my Desktop and a second one on my laptop.
Today, on my desktop, I snooze an email to tomorrow. But tomorrow I will work only on my laptop. The snooze informations should be stored “somewhere” (email headers?) so that the snooze will work on my laptop too.

Thanks to consider this.


Would really love to see a snooze feature, which I used to use on Mailbird.

I need this feature too! 

Same…  Please consider implementing this idea.

This is becoming a common feature among modern email apps and would be a great addition.

I was just about to ask about this, and as others point out, it is already in several email apps TODAY - while becoming popular with users - but I don’t find anything here saying that it is even planned.  The OP asked about it 2 years ago, not a huge block of time for humans, but a great deal of time for software in this era.

Hard for me to stop reading in my head the comments from an employee that said a similarly common (but more basic) feature hadn’t been done (in over 6 years!) because - to paraphrase - “our resources are dedicated to getting our MacOS build out”.  These are the kind of things that stick out folks - are you listening?

If Snooze folder would be here i think it will be the only email client i’m going to use.

If you’re using a Mac, check out Spark email; it is far better than emClient. It snoozes messages, you can delay send, unified inbox, and so much more. Even when I was using Windows I ditched emClient because they simply are unresponsive to customer requests.

eM Client also has delayed send and unified Inbox. :slight_smile:

Is snooze going to be a feature in the near future??

Depends on who you ask!  But instead of believing anything you hear (even from the company), I suggest doing a quick search of the forums.  I see posts asking for it 5 years ago, again at 3 years ago, 9 months ago, and 4 months ago.  

I am not implying the company doesn’t listen to the users, and I desperately want to like this app just about ->THIS
Before you ask why I’m using it… with the latest hyped release I thought maybe it was time to give it a try again.  But as they warned us last year, the update was for the Mac version and resources had been diverted.  And we are now approaching -3- years since the last major release.  3 years in the software world is, well, .

So don’t hold your breath waiting for this… there’s a fair number of requests for features that are readily found in other apps for years.

(I’m really not trolling, and I really do like the app, and I really keep hoping they start taking this stuff seriously)

This feature has now been implemented in 8.0.1194 beta.

That version is still not in the Release History. must be something wrong with it (although on my PC it runs just fine).

Takes a few days to catch up and even then not all builds are published. It is now past that version though, so it is unlikely that specific build will be published. The snooze feature will be in all future betas, and in the official release of version 8 when it is available.

The new Snooze feature in V8 Beta works great :slight_smile:

Ps I’ve never used a snooze feature before, but i can see now why peeps like it.

I also never used it before, but in the past few weeks I have really got into it. So far that is one of the best new features in version 8. :wink:

Am I missing the snooze feature in my beta v 8.0.926? Would love to test it out.

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