Snooze for Email Messages

You might also want to upgrade to the most recent beta as there were some changes made to the Snooze function. All versions are available to download from the Release History.

Thank you! I downloaded the new beta version. Can’t wait to try the SNOOOOOZEEE!!

You can also in V8 new Beta (right click) on a blank space in the toolbar and click (customize) and then move the Snooze option up till it shows on the toolbar as well. 

How can I view all snoozed emails?

Tried snoozed column.

Did you find out how to do this?

I snoozed an email and can’t find it anywhere now.

Once you have snoozed it, it will move to the Snoozed folder. Then when the snooze time elapses, it will appear again as a new message in your Inbox.


Thanks for the quick reply Gary!