Slow to load messages

I’m on version 7.2.37929.0 and I’m experiencing very slow to load mesages. I can see the dots going from left to right but it takes a good minute. Is there a setting I can change to help load things more quickly?

That is normal seeing the dots going across when you click on IMAP cloud emails as its downloading the email. This can go quicker depending on the speed of your internet connection & whats in the email.

By default if you are using an IMAP email account, EMClient will download the message headers first, and then only download the actual email message body (when you click on the Message). 

You can change an IMAP account setting in EMClient to “download messages for offline use” which will then download the message body before you click / open the messages.

Go to  - Tools > Accounts > IMAP, “Download messages for offline use”

I don’t have an IMAP tab

Ok that is strange its happening when its not an IMAP account. What tabs along the top do you see in Accounts ?

Here’s a screenshot:

Ok that looks like its a POP account so shouldn’t normally be seeing dots going across for a minute when loading emails, as EM Client should have already downloaded the email before you click it.

Unless your hard disk has a eg: slow disk reading access or maybe is fragmented and is then taking along time to load the email messages.

If its a SATA (Non SSD) drive, i would suggest to try “Defragging” the hard disk and then reboot the computer to see if that helps. If that makes no difference or you already have a SSD drive, then suggest to try EM Client V8 Release when that comes out which seems quicker already in the Beta Versions.

Note:- If you do want to try the Beta Ver 8, then You can d/l the latest release here -  Before installing this version "Backup your current EMClient via the “Menu / File / Backup” option in case you need to go back to V7 release.

I’ll try it! I’m sure it’s not my hard drive. I thought it man be my virus software but knowing there’s a “backup” option makes me confident to try a reinstall

Okay, I’ve installed the Beta and am up and running. It’s still a little slow but is noticeably faster. I  imagine the messages must be getting scanned for a virus or something while opening as I can’t think of any other explanation. I DO have a lot of local folders for each client (I freelance) but I can’t see how they would slow down the opening of a single email with no attachments.

Thanks for your help, by the way!

Uh oh!!! I’m now getting this Error. I can’t respond to emails.

Getting Adobe Acrobat.dll is a weird error for an email program unless maybe EMClient uses that .dll in some way and possible the Adobe Acrobat.dll is a bit corrupted on your computer so won’t open. I personally have not see that .dll error on any EMClient V8 Betas as yet.

If you have Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Writer etc. I would suggest to uninstall and reinstall those programs to make sure that Acrobat.dll is updated correctly. Then reboot your computer and see if EMClient opens and runs ok without the error.

If you then still get that error, I would then uninstall EMClient & when it asks (do you want to delete the database) part way through the uninstall choose (No) so it keeps your current mail database. Then reinstall the latest Beta V8 again and see how you go.

When you do get back into the Beta V8 i would email “[email protected]” and they can advise on that error in regard to EMClient if it comes back. Hopefully it doesn’t.

I suspect its an underlying Acrobat.dll problem with the computer prior to installing the new Beta V8 and could have been lucky EMClient V7 was working correctly all this time. The testing guys at EMClient will know.

As a last resort If you still cannot get back into EMClient Beta V8 (as you made a backup in V7 before installing the new Beta), then you can always uninstall the Beta and choose yes to delete the database and then reinstall the latest V7 and restore your backup via EMClient “Menu / File / Restore”.

Thanks again for your intelligent and thoughtful responses. I’ll give it a shot!

I opened a support ticket awhile back for this issue and was told that this is a known issue. It’s very disappointing that several versions later they have still not addressed this.

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I have this too. messages in separate widows are much slowed to show up than in main window’s preview area. ver 7.2.37929.0

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So far, so good. Still a little slow but faster than before and no errors when attaching files etc. Thanks again!

Having the same issue with messages being slow to open. This has been going on for a few months… double click email and header loads along with a bunch of DOTS running horizontally across the  screen…

Windows 10 Current version
EmClient version  7.2.38715.0

Oh and before anyone asks… this is a POP3 account!!!

It looks like emclient searches your PATH for acrobat.dll - unlikely that you put it in your path which is why it is not found. It also checks its own installation directory ( why I have no idea ), but it may be that linking your correcly installed acrobat.dll to emclients’ installation directory might be a solution.

Thanks for the idea…How do I do this??

I don’t believe that is true as Adobe Acrobat is just one many possible pdf readers that could be installed.

If eM Client is slow to load pdf a file using Adobe Acrobat, why not install another pdf reader, set that as the default in your OS and see if there is any difference.

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I confirmed I saw the error too, checked in procmon and confirmed acrobat.dll was being searched for in PATH. I updated the environment variable to include acrobat.dll location and issue resolved.

Not a lot more to add really.