Sign in password box when opening program and throughout use of program

I have recently migrated from Windows Live Mail on a free licence. Every time I enter the program and throughout its use I get pop up enter password boxes appear. I ok them but still they come up again. I get 2 box’s one for talktalk and 1 for Outlook even thro outlook is not one of my supported e-mails. Can you please suggest how I can overcome this issue. I have looked for a Make e-client my default e-mail box but cannot find one.
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Dave MacArthurton

Depends on why it is happening. One reason is that the password or username is incorrect. In that the case you will get the pop-up every time. If you enter it correctly and click OK, it should never ask again as long as you have checked Save password. If you entered it incorrectly, or did not check Save password, it will close and later pop-up again to ask for the credentials on the next sync.

You said that you get one for Outlook ( ?) though it is not one of your emails. If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts , you should see the accounts you have set up. You should only be prompted for passwords for those that you see there.

To make eM Client your default email application, go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General. The last option on that tab enables you to set it as default. If that does not work (I believe it is fixed in the current version) open Windows Control Panel. Go to Programs > Default Programs > Set your default programs.

Click on eM Client. Choose Choose defaults for this program.

Choose Select All. Click OK.

Hi Gary
Many thanks for your prompt reply. I have set e-client as my default provider from the windows 10 Control panel .I still have the pop up password issue.
I have 2 talktalk accounts Dave.Macarthurton and  Davemac351.

The account name is shown as Outlook (dave.macarthurton).
The user information is shown as [email protected].
The Authentication as [email protected] with a password underneath.

On the left hand panel it gives outlook for the contacts together with my other 2 talktalk accounts…
Clearly I do not want to loose these and am not sure what should be in which box.

I tried to add my snipping tool copies of the pages but the paperclip on this page just said paste uri. Normally I can click on my screen shot and it comes on the page.
If you can tell me what to do I can forward these screen shots. Hope this all make sense to you
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Dave MacArthurton

You can attach your screenshots by clicking on the camera icon.

Please find attached the 2 sign on box’s. In conjunction with my last reply can you please advise which accounts I shout have in user Information and Authentication.
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Dave MacArthurton

One thing I noticed is that you have the same accounts more than once. Delete the duplicates.

Then restart eM Client. If you are prompted for a password for each account, enter it ensuring that you have Save password checked. See if that helps.

I have tried to move the files that are in the account duplicates to the main file but I get a message "Downloading items from the server failed. I assume that is because they are old files from 2016.
If I delete the duplicates I will loose all the old files I wish to keep. I have rechecked that the passwords are correct and the saved box is ticked but I still have the issue. Also I get the account count restriction box saying I have too many accounts. As the contacts are showing up on an outlook account does this make 3 total accounts with the 2 talktalk ones.Clearly if I delete this account I will loose my contacts. Any help would be much appreciated.

Dave MacArthurton

You have the same three accounts each setup twice. Take the Outlook account:

The Outlook account is an online synced account, so deleting it will not delete the data. Select one of them and delete it.

The same goes with the TalkTalk account for Dave.Macarthurton, you have it setup twice. And the TalkTalk account for Davemac351, you have it setup twice. The problem there is that I don’t know if they are setup as POP3 or as IMAP. If they are setup as IMAP, you will not lose anything, so just delete the duplicate. If they are POP3, I can give you other instructions.

In the Free License version, you are restricted to just two accounts. That means you can only have have two accounts listed in that window. Currently you have six.

If you have any reservations about deleting accounts and losing data, make a backup before you delete. If you are missing anything after deleting the accounts, you can always restore and you will be back to where you started.

Thank you . Unfortunately they are POP3 accounts. The reason the 2 talktalk accounts appear twice is that my systems have crashed in the past and had to be restored from Live mail. This resulted in there being 2 separate entries. Looking forward to understanding how I can retain all my data.

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D__ave MacArthurton

Does your folder tree look something like this, or are there only Local Folders?

Please find attached screen shots of my menu tree.
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Dave MacArthurton

OK. I was hoping everything was saved in Local Folders, that would have been easier. 

First thing you need to do is rename your Talktalk accounts, because the duplicates have the same name and it is difficult to know which to delete. In account settings  change the account names for the last two in your list.

Now in your tree list, two of those Talktalk folders will have new names. Move any emails from the renamed folders to original unnamed ones above.

Once that is done, you can go back to your account settings and delete the renamed accounts. Make a backup first just in case you delete the wrong ones. You will have to delete both Outlook accounts as well as you can only have two accounts in the Free License version.

Thanks Gary. Will give it a try. Am still worried if I delete the outlook account that I will loose all of my contact list. Is there any thing I can do to get around this

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Dave MacArthurton

Sorry to be a pain but on right clicking the mouse can only get the following options.
New, Copy,  Move, Collapse all, Show/Hide , Properties. Do not have the option to rename. Help.

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Dave MacArthurton

Well from your settings, the Outlook account is an online one, so what you are seeing in eM Client is just a synced version of that. You can always confirm that by logging on to your account, going to the People section and confirming the contacts are there.

Because you are limited to two accounts, if you want to use the contacts in eM Client, you can copy them to local folders before you delete the account. It just means that they will not be synced with your online account.

To copy them, go the the Contacts tab in eM Client and select all the contacts. Then click on Menu > Contact > Copy to Folder. Make sure to select Local Folders > Contacts. 

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts. Select one of the last two in the list, then on the right side of the window, in the General Tab, you can rename the account. That is where the green arrow is pointing. Then do the same for the other account, and finish by clicking OK in the bottom right of the window.

Hi Gary
I am still in trouble. Have renamed the folders and downloaded the Contacts to the Local folder but when I try to move the messages over it comes up with an error message downloading the items from server failed. When I click on the actual titles there is no message just a note saying Not connected to the server. As the messages were dated 2016 I guess I have lost them . Is this correct please?

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Dave MacArthurton

This is behaviour I would expect from IMAP, not POP3.

Can you please confirm that each of your email accounts is setup as POP3? Go to the account settings, then by clicking on each one in turn you should see General-POP3-SMTP-Diagnostics tabs.

It should look like this:

Not this: