Sidebar shows emails from selected contact

When on a selected email, the sidebar shows emails from the selected contact. That is very cool.

Is there a way to have that show emails with that subject, instead?

It shows both sent and received messages for that contact.

If not, click on the settings cog next to the Contact Details sidebar header, and make sure that both Show Incoming and Show Outgoing are ticked.


What I am asking is, instead for showing emails from that Contact, it would show emails based on Subject only.

We don’t have such a function. It is a contact sidebar after all, so nothing to do with subject of the messages. It shows the communication history with a contact.

I figured that is what it is, but the user asked and I wanted to check.

Thank you Gary

Well, you can click on the settings cog and choose Search. Then enter some text in the search field and it will show all messages to or from that contact with the text in the subject.