Show contact names like they are in my Contacts

Hi! It’s a great mail client but it would be greater if the user have an option to see the contact names in the Mail list like they are written in his Contacts (along with the avatar) like it works in MacOS Mail or Aqua Mail for example. Now some contacts appear with other names (get from the sending server) and some have no name at all and all I see is the email address.

For example imagine I have a contact saved as “Dad” with email and a contact saved as “Mom” with email

What I expect to see in the Mail list when I get an email from them is “Dad” and “Mom”.
What I actually see in eM Client Mail list is “John Doe” and “”.

Nevertheless when I hover the sender I see the correct names from my Contacts (in the popup window). So it means eM Client gets the correct information - just doesn’t show it at the right place. Can you guys add an option where the user can choose what to see - the name in his Contacts or the name from the server. Such an option would be very useful not only for the Mail list but also in the mail headers.

Thank You in advance!

P.S. I previously posted this as a ‘problem’, but I was advised to post it as an ‘idea’, so here it is.


While eM Client currently only displays the details from the email header in the message preview pane, it would be a useful option to display the details from the Contact. Fortunately the right-sidebar Contacts already displays full details of the sender from your Contacts.

The interesting this is that the avatar in the preview pane is taken from your contacts unless you have not specified one. In that instance it is taken from what the sender has registered with services like Google, Gravatar etc.

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Big yes to this! :slight_smile:

I have a service (lets call it “ServiceX”) that sends me both subscription emails and event emails. Although the two types of emails are being send from different addresses, the name of both addresses are “ServiceX” which groups them together when sorting by “from” in the emails list.
I would like to be able to change the name of the subscription emails sender to “ServiceX - Subscriptions” and the event sender email to “ServiceX - Events”, and have them group separately in the emails list.

Really appreciate the ability to do so! Thanks! :smiley:

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Still not implemented in v9? :confused:

I would like to bump this feature request. I am – once more – on the look out for an email client that “just works”, and this is something that is sorely missing. It is really weird what some services enter in the From: field (e.g. No reply :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

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