Why is the name not automatically displayed?

The address book already contains the full name information, but the name is not automatically displayed when an email is received.

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No, it does not. Rather it takes the name from the message header - so as defined by the sender.

@Atanas_Atanasov proposed this feature in the following post:

Would you consider implementing his proposal?

Yes, it is already on the list of features to be considered. :wink:

Great news, @Gary! I’ll buy a lifetime subscription as soon as it’s being implemented! :slight_smile:

Hi Gary, Is this issue still not implemented in the 8.2.1465 version?

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No, this is a service update, so just some bug fixes and the like. No new functionality.

v9 and the problem is still present… what a disappointment :no_mouth:

How about this proposal now?When can it be implemented?