Setting up Proton Mail

I have followed your instructions on how to set up a Proton Mail account in EM Client. However, the instructions are OK until Item 6 where I don’t get the screens you indicate. You state the outgoing server has Port No 125 but there is no indication of this. If I click ignore on Item 7 the setup fails. Do you have an updated setup Proton Mail list? I like how EMClient has worked in the past and would like to continue using it.

See these threads which should help you

Thanks for the prompt reply. I have set up the Proton Mail account as per your images. (Minor issue here is that the EM Client instructions state port 125, not 1025.) However, I used the server addresses as you indicated. As instructed I have ignored the Test Configuration in Item 7 as it gave red crosses for the IMAP and SMTP… I finished the setup and opened the normal EM Client program. Beside the Proton address was a red triangle with the error message saying “Connection Failed”. No folders have been downloaded.
I hope this gives you some information to help you. Regards