Set default Task folder amongst all available accounts

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The Agenda side bar on the right allows you to create a new task by simply typing in the title and hitting enter. You can also right click in the sidebar and select New Task. All of my searching indicates that these two features–and ultimately the Task window–default to the global default email account. However, I use Nextcloud that uses *DAV for a Task list.

I propose the option to select a default folder for the Agenda sidebar. Much like how you can select a Default Folder per account if using Gmail or *DAV.

When creating the task in the sidebar, it will use the task folder from the default account.

When creating the task in the Task section of eM Client, or anywhere else by clicking on New > Task, it will use whatever task folder is selected in the Task section of eM Client.

Understood! Which is very handy. Though after over a decade of using a competing product I’ve developed a habit of living in the Mail view. I very rarely navigate out of it because aside from the Calendar when I peek at once a day to remind myself of what is on the docket I don’t need to navigate anywhere else.

Calendar reminders keep me on point throughout the day. Tasks appear on the right hand side of the screen. Contacts are found when creating new Mail or Meeting Invites. One can easily develop a rhythm over time that never requires them to leave their Mail screen.

Because the option of creating a new task is available to me via the Mail screen already, it seems logical to expand this feature set to accommodate this behavior and remove a mouse click.

As a second pro to my proposal, I have 6 task lists in the Tasks section but I am only interested in one. Therefore I only have one selected. If I’m in the Tasks section eM Client very appropriately auto chooses the folder I have selected on the left hand side as you pointed out. Over time when someone is interested in only one task list, it feels counterintuitive for the application to seemingly behave differently between the left side of the screen (the Tasks section) and the right side (the Agenda sidebar). Because the Agenda sidebar continues to default to the default mail account whereas the Tasks section will default to the selected folder.

Lastly, because I can then essentially forgo the Tasks section and instead rely on the Agenda sidebar it means I can very neatly have Mail, Calendar, and Contacts–arguably the most commonly used sections if Tasks can now be found on the sidebar–selected for the navigation at the bottom of the left sidebar which removes another navigation click from the application.

EDIT: I realized I originally placed this in the Frequently Asked Questions section. I’ve just moved it to Feature Requests. :slight_smile: