Search Function Missing Emails

em Client’s search isn’t pulling all the emails. I do have IMAP and i have checked the download for offline option. but it still does not pull up the emails. there’s not just one email, there are a lot. 

It could be that the message content is not downloaded. Right-click on the folder and choose Properties > Repair, and see if that changes anything.

that did not fix it. still not pulling up all the emails

Are you searching the the correct folder?

its searching “All Folders”. 

And the appropriate fields are also selected?


i’ve dabbled in some emails in my time. this isn’t my first rodeo

Elijah, can you right-click on the message it should be finding and choose Forward > Forward as Attachment, and send that to me along with the word you are typing in the search field.

it’s not just one email. its multiple. many. undisclosed amount. i can forward you one of them though, is that what you’d like ? 

just realized… the emails aren’t in the inbox for some reason. do you know why they wouldn’t sync everything? is there a limit to how much eM Client can sync? 

There is no limit. Sometimes it seems the sync stalls, that is why the Repair option is always an option as it forces a resync. Usually that is done on the Inbox or the folder that is not fully synced. If you have a Gmail/G Suite account, it needs to be done on the All Mail folder instead.

Are there any errors in Menu > Tools > Operations?

there’s only one. my icloud calendar. i’ve been trying to sync my icalendar from my apple account. but its not working. any advice? i am currently running a “repair” in the meantime

“(CalDAV) Subfolder synchronization for folder “iCloud” failed due to the following error: Bad Request”

Don’t use iCloud so can’t offer any advice on that. But you will notice on this forum that iCloud sync issues come in batches, so my guess it is something on their side. 

the icloud works perfect with my contacts, what do you mean? 

what about the calendar, is there anyway to have the calendar show on the main Mail page so you don’t have to keep switching from mail to calendar? it takes .10 seconds to glance at the date, but much longer when you have to go to the calendars own area and back again. 

same thing with flagged emails. is there anyway to have those readily available and shown on the main mail page? 

Seems iCloud calendars have sync issues that come in batches. That honestly does not sound like a problem with eM Client.

You can show your calendars and flagged messages in the Agenda Sidebar on the right of your email section. That way you always have a customizable view of your flagged messages, events and birthdays.

how do you do that?

where do i go?