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Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Layout and make sure Sidebar Expanded is selected.

Then on the Sidebar, which is now on the right of your screen, right-click on Contact Details and select Agenda.

You can customize what is displayed in the Agenda by clicking on the settings cog next to Agenda.

how do you get the calendar on there though?

After clicking on the settings cog, you can choose which folders to display in the Agenda. Select whichever calendars you want to display.

last question i promise. i know you said theres a problem with the icloud side. but could you show me the steps to resync my icloud calendar, or even if i have to remove and add again, that’s fine. i’d just like to try it again

Well, I don’t use iCloud, but it should be the same as any other calendar in this regard.

You can right-click on the calendar and choose Properties > Repair. That assumes that the calendar has been working, but is just out of sync.

If that does not help go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and remove the calendar account. Then add it again by clicking on the + icon and choose Calendar > iCloud Calendar.

but theres a calendar on here that i do not want. i dont even know how it got there. how do i delete it? 

In account settings, click the trash bin icon next to the account to delete it.

its connected to my email, and contacts also though

You can remove the whole account, then add it again using the Automatic Setup.

This will add the email, contacts and calendars again.

Always a good idea, before removing an account from eM Client, is to make a backup (Menu > File > Backup) just in case.

for some reason it wont let me separate them. its through an exchange, through godaddy which is through microsoft 365 i believe. Does that change the process? 

also, for some reason, when i copy multiple emails from an excel spreadsheet, and then paste them into bcc, instead of them all popping up (like they did in microsoft), it just shows the last line (cell) from my spreadsheet. NOT ALL the contacts are there. 

For the MS Excel issue, see if this thread helps.

For deleting the account, just delete the whole account - no need to separate it.

i need the email account. i don’t need the calendar. 

Deleting it and then re-adding it will put everything back again. Sometimes that solves any issues.

But if you want just the email and nothing else, you can setup the account as IMAP instead. After deleting the account, add a new account, but don’t use the Automatic Setup. Instead choose Mail > Other.

After entering your email address, make sure that IMAP is selected.

HI Gary, couple issues here still. 
I cannot remove one of the calendars on my account. 
I can’t figure it out. It’s a GoDaddy/ Microsoft 365 Exchange account, i’m not sure if that matters or not. 
But I NEED the email, I just DON’T need the contacts nor calendar for that account. 

Also, how can i lock the Calendar Bar (to the left) while in the mail screen?
I can make it work, but then anytime i leave the mail screen and come back, it minimizes again. 

Unfortunately with Exchange accounts you cannot separate the Mail, Contacts and Calendar services. If the host provides it, you could possibly set it up as IMAP and just have email without the rest.

The left side-bar will automatically collapse the other sections. There is no way to change that.

You’re kidding. There’s no tool bar lock or something? That’s a little annoying. No offense to you at all I appreciate you’re help.

Whats the difference between exchange and imap?

The left side-bar is designed so that when you move from one section to another, those not in focus are automatically collapsed. It is not a toolbar.

Essentially IMAP and Exchange are the same in that they provide a message store located on a server. That means that many devices can connect to the store, and have a synced copy of those messages. So connecting to the same account using your phone and laptop means you have the same content on both. The difference comes with the other services. IMAP is messages only; no calendar, contacts or tasks. Exchange offers all these services combined and is more orientated to many different users collaborating, so has shared calendars, global address books etc.

Most Exchange servers, at least public ones like 365, allow you to connect using either Exchange or IMAP.

for some reason my contacts within emClient and my icloud contacts that i synced are not showing up in emails. when i hover over a name it shows as if its not included in my contacts or something. Is there another way to make sure the contacts show? 

Also, is there a way to automatically add new people i reply to my contacts?