Search emails by multiple Gmail labels

I’m not an EM Client user, but have been investigating options for getting better control over my emails, particularly with respect to searching. I use Gmail and its label function, and would very much like to find a client that uses them effectively.

I was pleased to see EM Client allows me to assign Gmail labels to emails, as ‘categories’. And I notice that under Menu > Edit > Find, it is possible to search emails by category. However when I try this, the only categories available are EM Client’s built in ones ‘Red’ ‘Blue’ etc, and not the Gmail labels that I use to organise my mail.

What I want is to filter emails by multiple categories, such that I can view all emails tagged simultaneously as, for example, ‘Work’, ‘Project A’ and ‘Tasks’. So far my testing of EM Client, Mailbird, and Postbox suggests none of them allow this. The closest I can find is to filter by a single label name at a time.

Is this kind of searching possible, or likely to be coming to EM Client any time soon? If I could find a client that supported this correctly, I’d gladly pay for it in an instant, but so far the search continues.

That is a headache. As you say, you can assign categories from your GMail labels, but you can’t search on them.

The only way I have been able to do this is to search by folder, as the GMail labels are also translated as folders in eM Client. So you will have Work, Project A and Tasks folders, just use a custom selection on those folders in your search.

Thanks for the input, but wouldn’t this approach search for messages tagged with any of the chosen labels, not all of them?

Also I assume this means that labelling a message would effectively duplicate it to the label’s corresponding folder, and the excessive duplication may cause its own problems; for example, what happens when you delete a duplicate? Does this remove the label or delete the original message?

In my opinion tags/labels are far superior to folders, as they do all the same things and much more! I’m eager to see the first email app that fully supports them.

Yes, unfortunately that search will be for any of the folders.

If you have an email in GMail that has more than one label, it will be visible in each of the corresponding folders in eM Client. But it is just one email. If you delete it from Work, it will also disappear from Project A and Inbox. If you remove the Work label, it will only appear in Project A and Inbox.

What you can do is create the same Categories in eM Client as Labels you have in GMail. Then you can search on the categories/labels.

To search on AND in categories, put each category on a separate line in the rule. Or edit the Search Query manually.

Or = category:“Project C”,“Project B”

And = category:“Project C” category:“Project B”

Again, thank you for taking the trouble to respond and for the detailed advice, I’m pleased to hear messaged aren’t duplicated when you add labels. Unfortunately, recreating all my Gmail labels in a local client so I can search them is just not the solution I’m looking for.

I assume you work for EM Client in some capacity? I wonder if the functionality I’m looking for is likely to be added at any point? A simple ctrl-click of folders in the left-hand pane would be an elegant way to implement it. As I’ve said, I would be first in line to pay for any client software that worked this way.

I understand the difficulty with creating many categories just to match with GMail’s labels, that was why I initially suggested the folder option. That is what I have been doing. Unfortunately there is no AND available for the folder option though, but I am trying to think of a way to do that.

No, I don’t work for eM Client.

Usually the method to suggest improvements is to create an IDEA thread on this forum, which allows others to comment and vote on your idea. I am not inclined to propose every idea I have, but I would vote for this idea if someone else suggested it.

Thanks for your help. I’ve posted an idea: