Rusty Rover's Wish List

I really like EMC (I have essentially switched over from using Outlook desktop client for my email) but there are some features that I would like to see added to the email section.

  1. Colored folders!
  2. Android and iOS apps!
  3. Unread and total summaries to the right of each folder in the folder list.
  4. Plugins.
  5. Split the app into separate but connected apps for mails, calendar, tasks, etc.

Please, please start to incorporate these soon. Thanks.

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Oh, one other thing.

  1. More fields in the tasks. There should be category and priority fields and a few extra that could be unformatted fields that can be set up by the user for their own purposes.

Android and iOS apps!

There is a mobile app in development which hopefully won’t be far away. See the following thread and favorite the request at the top.

Split the app into separate but connected apps for mails, calendar, tasks, etc

You can “Right click” on the eM Client icon “on the taskbar” and open items separately or just another copy of eM Client in a new window.

Great news about the Android app!

I’m not sure I understand the other part of your answer, though. When I right-click on the eM Client app on the taksbar, there are options to create new mail, new calendar event etc. What the OP had in mind, if I’m not mistaken, is for eM Mail and eM Calendar to work as two separate apps, which you can Alt-Tab between.

You see, I know that you can switch betweenm Calendar and Mail inside eM Client by pressing the shortcut (Ctrl-1 and Ctrl-2 if I remember correctly), but the problem is, doing so resets any search you did in the Mail window. So, for example, I might search for “John” to find all emails from him. If I now want to do something in the Calendar (for example change the date of a meeting with John), I can press Ctrl-2 to go to Calendar, but if I switch back to email, my search results are gone, I’m back to the regular Inbox. So I have to go to the Search window again, enter “John” again etc. It’s a bit of a pain if you often switch between Mail and Calendar.

If Mail and Calendar could be opened as two separate windows that keep their contents intact as you Alt-Tab between them (or, as a workaround, being two separate instances of eM Client), that would be great. I use two monitors and it would be absolutely fantastic to have the calendar full-screen on one monitor and email full screen on the other.

Information about colored folders support is here: How to color email folders - #4 by cyberzork

You can open multiple instances of eM Client starting from version 8:

Unread and total summaries are shown at the top of the client once you select the folder, but not in the folder list. I feel like if it had to get counts of every folder consistently it might make client operations slower, such as the same if you had a file explorer calculating all the sizes of folders in the folder listing. So calculating on click of the folder might be a more efficient way and why they selected that method.

Myself, I would rather the important features be integrated directly rather then through plugins. I have always felt plugins can effect the security and reliability of the client in question negativity, which is why I usually use a web browser with the ad blocker built in and minimize the use of plugins on clients that are used heavily day to day. A big problem I have with plugins is they are not always done well by 3rd parties and once they loose support become security risks and break with client upgrades. That is not an issue if those features get integrated directly, and I think eM Client tries to implement as many features possible balanced with reliability fixes through the ongoing client upgrades.

Lastly, as a prior poster mentioned, the Android and iOS apps are coming soon. I think they want to make sure they get the desktop client in a good place before throwing the mobile clients into the mix. Right now I am sure their focus is getting the v9.2 released as soon as possible.


You’re a life saver! I’ve never thought to right-click on the Calendar pane. I’m getting old… :frowning:

Thanks so much!

Thanks all. I know about opening calendar, contacts, etc. in different windows but that does not do it for me. I would rather have separate icons for each on my taskbar.

As for coloring the folders, maybe tags will do something. I’ll give that a try.

And device apps: I have been searching for something decent for years. Most lack features that I want and need. The one I am using right now is myMail but I cannot get it to link to anything but Gmail and they have no support. Someone recommended Nine in another post. It has been replaced with Re:Work and I’m giving that a try.

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