Rules: wildcards or partial domain criteria would be fantastic! :)


It would be great if Rules could use wildcards, or at least partial domains in their criteria. For example, Citibank sends emails from multiple subdomains (,, and it would be nice to just list “*” to include all of them. Everything from Citibank I put in one folder.

Other companies use many more subdomains, and they change them periodically as they refine their anti-spam strategies, so having wildcards would be of great benefit.

Currently, the only wildcard I know about is to allow any username, but you must specify the exact subdomain/domain structure (ie “”). Even using partial domains (vs a full wildcard solution) would be useful.

Thank you!

I was missing that to but I found link bellow and it works. It’s shame that emClient doesnt make it clear when user is creating rule.

Simply insert as from address in rule and it will work. Without @ it didnt work for me.…

I am currently getting a steady stream of spam from domains ending in .ru. The complete sender address changes with every email.

I know for a certainty that I get no legitimate email from .ru domains. I would love to be able to make a rule that moves email from any .ru address – i.e., *.ru – to the spam or trash folder.

It should be implemented in the next major version.

Can I do wildcard like *domain* ?

Hi, no unfortunately you can still only do at the moment.
Maybe in future releases…

Thank you for understanding,

Something new? I need also a wildcard to filter server by there account name xy@*. I can’t find anything to it.

Hi, no unfortunately you can still use rules for domains only by using

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Why no progress on this subject? I can find a question to it, which is 2 years. When this exist, i think i buy a license. Without it is very complicated to handle my mail amount.

Unfortunately this is a feature request we have yet not decided to implement. It’s a feature under consideration and may be developed for future releases. However most features are implemented based on user feedback, in this particular case we have not seen a potential in this feature and choose to wait before proceeding with development, maybe in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

It’s surprising that this feature has not already been implemented. It’s not difficult to do coding wise, and other email clients already include it. You probably didn’t get a lot of feedback since not everyone uses rules, but for those of us who do, the ability to include a wildcard is important. The increasing use of subdomains by legitimate senders is creating problems. Thunderbird has a “From” with “contains” as an option that works well for this application. If you would add “with words found in the From field”, the problem would be solved. 

Hi Rick, eM Client does not include this options as it doesn’t include junk filtering options, Junk filtering is a server-side feature, as having junk filtering rules enabled on your server allows you to have your email filtered for all your devices.

eM Client as a standalone desktop application would only be able to filter your email while the application is online on your computer.


Paul, maybe we’re talking about two different things. Nothing here is server-side. I don’t use junk filtering on any client. My post is in reference to Rules (on the client side) that are used to sort mail into folders. From the original post:

Currently, the only wildcard I know about is to allow any username, but you must specify the exact subdomain/domain structure (ie “”). Even using partial domains (vs a full wildcard solution) would be useful.

We subscribe to numerous online publications that we want to be moved to the same folder. That publisher has started using subdomains extensively. In our case, the following entries have to be made in the rule to catch each subdomain:

and so forth. With other email clients, it is possible to create one entry:

* or @* or @* (the syntax may vary).

If the rule parameters would allow us to search for “” as part of “From”, the one entry would catch each of the email addresses listed above. You already have to code base. One option that you already provide is “with words found in subject”. If the function “with words found in from” were added, the problem would be solved, and a wildcard would not be necessary. 

I hope this explanation clarifies the request. We’ve been recommending emClient as an Outlook and Thunderbird replacement, but there are some useful additions, such as this one, that may cause some users to stick with their present clients. 

Hi Rick, I understand the issue, some of the users in this topic have mentioned the need to filter out first level domain to avoid SPAM messages, that’s why I’ve mentioned the server-side feature.

Unfortunately it is not possible to use wildcards for Rules in current releases, we’ll consider improving rules for future releases to allow you use more advanced methods to filter out your messages.


This feature is so important that without it the rules become ineffective in filtering spam. Use of “from” alteration is the main tool of spammers these days.  I will have to start looking for another email client.

Paul - Just a comment - I keep hearing that “filtering is a server-side feature, as having junk filtering rules enabled on your server allows you to have your email filtered for all your devices.”  Even so, it would be appropriate I think to incorporate a robust mechanism for a user (like myself) who uses eM Client to consolidate 11 different email accounts from a total of 6 different email servers, to have a single point of control for filtering incoming mail right in eM Client, rather than maintaining filtering rules in 6 different places. I do get what you’re saying about filtering for all devices, and that makes sense for a lot of users no doubt. But there are also users like myself who mainly use eM Client on the desktop and don’t access email very often on other devices. It would just be nice option to have so that both ‘groups’ of users have their needs met.

Thank you for your feedback regarding the feature, as I suggested before, we’re considering improving filtering options to match our users needs, however note the differences between client based filters and server side filters are very significant.

It is not possible for an email client filter to be up to date, filtering services that are online based allow your mail filter to have the latest information about new spam senders, e.g. if someone using the same spam filter as you, receives a spam message (on a completely different domain), the spam filter learns and can apply the filter on your domain once you receive that message. This is a capability a standalone application installed on your computer can not guarantee.

Junk filtering will always be a server side feature, however we are working on new options to allow you filter your email more efficiently using eM Client.


I have switched my mail program to another, because of this missing feature. When they had react on this feature wish perhaps i had paid for it, but now i have spend my money someone else.

The missing updates on this software are also a bad situation. On the early time was it much better.

Sorry to see this, if you ever come back to eM client, make sure to let us know if you come across any issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,