Rules: wildcards or partial domain criteria would be fantastic! :)

We’re wasting our time here, guys. They just don’t get it. They’re still transfixed on the server/client thing. Since they don’t get it, they’re not going to add the very simple feature we need. We’re not buying any more copies for now either. 

Still no update on this? I have been using emclient for a few weeks, but if this is not a planned feature addition I will be moving back to Postbox. Please update this thread if this is in the road map so we can all stop wasting our time as this thread seems to be over 3 years old and still not added. This is a basic feature all mail clients but yours seems to have. 

Hi Chris,
considering certain features can take time, because it can clash with others that we see as a priority. This feature is not planned for any of the updates that are in foreseeable future. Though if we find a more effective way to implement this idea it might change.


If you are considering more robust client side filtering of the e-mail list, please consider adding a REGEX option for those of us who are familiar.  Any “flavor” would do.  Thanks.