Rules based on top level domain


Is in em client possibility to filter incoming e-mails based on top level domain?

I tried “”, “@*.icu”, “.icu”, “.icu>” and nothing work.

Please see Help with custom rules

From my experience you can’t use wildcards and that is why I gave the advice I did in that thread. It has always worked just fine that way for me. But @NoSi1 says you can use wildcards like *.icu, so you are welcome to follow his advice.

I did not know, that space in header rule is wildcard :slight_smile: Thanks.

“From: .icu>” work fine.

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I tried a few things in V 8.0.2646 (522f642) to get the differences of search evaluated. Therefore, I wanted to know, how many emails from Great Brittain are in my current junk e-mail box

Maybe, there is a difference between Windows and Mac OS? The following was tested on Windows 10x64 pro

Search term Found Description
from:*.en 17 * → used in Windows search as any, lists all emails with en tld
from:*.en> 0 No idea why @Martin_Svoboda has success with it,
I can not confirm this in my case
from:.en> 0 I think same thing like before: en> seems to block something in my case
from:.en 74 Matches all emails with en anywhere in the from string

This doesn’t reveal a valid determination how it works reliable. Because all notice mails of the em Client forum are also filtered into Junk (this is a wanted behavior, no need to archive them – it’s here…), I tried this:

Search term Found Result
from: em 345 → all with em anywhere
from: .em 313 → all with [space, special char] followed by em anywhere
from: .em. 164 → all with [space, special char]em[space, special char] anywhere
→ forum and only
→ starting with `“em Client” which matches [special char]em[space]
from em*inc 153 → no forum mail (“eM Client” vs. “eM Client Inc”
from: .em subject: rule 23 all .em with rule anyhwere in subject
from: .em: subject: rule 25 a colon behind a filter invalidates all preceding filters (found accidentally)
from: .em subject: rule*con 10 with rule + whatever + con meeting e.g.
»New comment: Rules - NO “OR” combination of conditions? Only “AND”?«


  1. Modifiers are available in emClient search, but nobody really knows how they work.
  2. Current help doesn’t offer anything regarding querying your mail, except that you can filter and there is a »textual form of query, which is obvious and therefore useless notice, I would expect a description how to use this efficiently
  3. There is much more “search power” available in eM Client as one might expect but it is a “trial & error” thing of users to evaluate it → this should be improved in help immediately.

In a search OR is from: abc def. AND is from: abc from: def

But this is off topic. This thread is for Rules, not Searches. They are not the same.

It is a little bit off topic but querying should be done the same regardless if I use find top right, find dialog and it’s »textual form of query", search folder setup and possibilities in rules. The behavior of emClient is inconsistent here.

The “OR” … “AND” thing is a matched subject of a mail found with the search term on the left.


I have a similar problem. I would like to categorize the incoming mails based the sender (advertising, bank, social network .etc). For example I would like to move all messages to SOCIAL NETWORK folder which come from Facebook, LinkedIn, Strava.
Unfortunately, they are many addresses for example:, (these are not real addresses, just examples).
I don’t want to type all available email addresses (because there are a lot of email variations), I just want to use only one “joker” address for all sender.

So I have tried to use:"
"” and
but none work :frowning:

Does anybody has any ideas how can I use joker characters (*, ?) or any other things to use?

I’ve also tried the following options:>”
but none work.

Maybe I will use the Thunderbird again :frowning:
I can use the message rules well in it.

I explained how to do this in my comment above.

I’m so sorry, but maybe I don’t understand exactly :frowning: (my english is’nt good)
What is your recommendation for this issue? I haven’t found it.

Do I do a rule direct from email?

You can use your web browser to translate the whole page.

The specific comment I gave you will find at:

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Thanks, I will try it.

(but… I think, this kind of message rule should be a BASIC function in a good mail client.
I think, I will go back to Mozilla)


  1. Open »Menu → Rules«
  2. Press »New Rules«

Rule preview should look like this:

After message has been received
from people
move to folder
  1. Click there »People«
  2. Enter »«
  3. Press »Add adress«
  4. repeat 4., 5. with more domains if required
  5. Click in Rule Preview »Folder«
  6. Select the desired

Rule preview should look like this now:

After message has been received
from ''
  1. Click »Next« four times
  2. Add a »Rule Name« and press »Finish«

This should do the job.

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I have to admit that I “pre-select” incoming mails meanwhile with the web-client of my e-mail account. The main reason for that are the missing RegEX options which other e-mail clients like “Thunderbird” support with add-ons or like “The Bat” natively.

Now you may ask why I am not using one of them instead. Good point. The answer is simple: Relevant is “the whole package”. There is a lack of (advanced) functionality filtering incoming messages. But as a whole there are lots of advantages against other competitors (and I tried many…).

The development of emClient may be not the fastest but this is another important aspect: It is reliable (meanwhile…).

Several things offered in newer versions seem to me as “useless gimmick” because I can not see a need or requirement for them. But I am sure that they where implemented because a large group of users asked for it. And »RegEx« may be something of that special to most of emClient users that there is no development pressure.

Therefore I use the options mentioned in the beginning. I am quite sure that people able using RegEx know this solution as well and have no hassle with the absence of this functionality in emClient. They help themselves.

Regardless that they still hoping for…


I also use server-side filters for a lot of things. Not only because they may have more options, but it means that whichever device I connect to the account, the messages are already filtered. I don’t need to setup the same Rules or filters on each computer, and my phone doesn’t offer filters anyway.

I also have to admit that I still keep Thunderbird installed for some special filters that are not possible with eM Client. I use an add-on in Thunderbird called FiltaQuilla that enables some truly amazing things. So sometimes I just fire up Thunderbird, let it run the filters on my IMAP folders, then shut it down and go back to eM Client.

I guess we gotta do what works best for us in our unique situations.

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