Roadmap for em Client?

Btw is there a roadmap of eM Client development anywhere?

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Not publicly.

Is there something specific you are interested in, or just in general where the application is heading?

Yes I want to know, where application is heading. To speak generally: Besides what is really good with em Client, I see some not working features, some not nice interfaces and some lacking features.

To have a roadmap would be helpful to see, if em Client is activily maintained, developed and improved. It would also help my decision to use eM Client as my primary client and buy a pro version.

To be more concrete for example:

  1. not working: ics outlook365 import has missing appointments
  2. interface drawbacks: ics abonnement is on a strange position in menu, calendar view cannot be resized dynamically, text in search field stays
  3. missing feature: create new mail from existing (Create as New), keep search result page extra, quickfilters for read/unread (e.g.) mgs

I guess there will be other issues.

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same at me: IMAP folder subscription - #18 by Scotty

Can you please elaborate on number 1 and 2 (add some description and screenshots).

eM Client is very actively being developed. We are quite close to eM Client 9 Beta, so stay tuned.
Quick filters all across the application is already implemented in v. 9.

Good to hear, there is some upcoming update.

ics calendar:

Open since Mar 2019 :frowning:

Why not place ics-abo under accounts?

resize calender view… see outlook:

leaving search results by choosing any folder. text stays in search field. is this a feature?