inconsistent syncing of calendar

‘sometimes’ (and I wish I could identify when), calendar entries do not appear in eM Client, yet I can see them in the browser and in Android.  Somehow, eM Client continues to be challenged by when other apps are not.  Blaming this on Microsoft shows a lack of accountability.  

In the past I have found that setting up as an Exchange account works better with syncing calendars and contacts.

To do this go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and remove your existing account. Then add a new account by selecting Mail > Exchange.

See if that helps.

Before removing or changing account settings, it is always advisable to make a backup using Menu > File > Backup. Then if something goes wrong, you can just restore your previous settings using Menu > File > Restore.

I have this issue also.  I deleted the account in em client and attempted to set it up as an Exchange.  Kept getting an error that the account exists, but authentication failed.  I am 100% sure the password I provided is correct.  Even tried a cut and paste of the password, which worked signing in to from the browser.

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I’ve just set up emclient 8 on a new machine (Pro user). The Outlook calendar wasn’t syncing properly (it didn’t record events I’d put in from other apps). I vaguely remembered the recommendation to set it up via Exchange rather than, but when I tried couldn’t get through authorisation, which isn’t surprising because it’s not really an Exchange account (though I do have Office 365). However I saw elsewhere the recommendation to select all listed calendars under Outlook. The only other calendar listed there (apart from “calendar” was “Conversation history”, which I hadn’t selected before because it didn’t seem to relate to anything, but when I did select it, it seems to have fixed the problem. Not very intuitive but if it works I’ll take it!

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I’ve had the same problem using my account since I started using eM Client. I could create entries and they would show in and in eM Client. Then the following day they would disappear from eM Client. I’ve just followed Gary’s advice from this chat and deleted the account and added it as a Microsoft Exchange Account. I initially hit authentication issues. I added the smtp address manually ( and entered an application password which I generated from my Microsoft account as I use 2FA. It prompted me for the credentials a couple of times but I just gave it the application password which appears to work. All the calendar entries are now present in eM Client and I don’t have the Conversation history anymore. Hopefully this will resolve this annoying feature.

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I started having the problem again. When I first set up the account it would show all my calendar entries but after a day or so some would disappear. I sent logs to Gary but didn’t hear any more. The “conversation history” fix didn’t make any difference either. And as ever if I tried to set up an Exchange account I’d just get stuck in an endless authorisation loop. So I took a hint from Puggy on this thread and changed the server addresses - to and respectively. For the moment that seems to have worked but I’ll have to see what happens over the next couple of days. It really is infuriating because in other respects emClient is the best mail client on the market.

… and it didn’t work. Sadly that’s the end of the line for me and emClient, unless I hear they’ve fixed this.

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I’m having exactly the same syncing issues as Paul_Brasington I invested in eM client because I needed an email and calendar client that would work cross platform on multiple Macs and PC’s. But with the unreliable syncing it makes it worthless. I’m going to try Puggy’s fix next… So frustrating because I love the user interface, but I need it to work.

Update: Just tried to log use by logging in as an exchange account, but I get stuck in a endless authentication loop where it asks me for my outlook password over and over again.

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Similar problem for me, too. I want to include an exchange-calendar (of my company) via ics-sharing. So I import the ics via “internet calendar abonnement”. emClient shows the calendar, but some recuirring events are missing. I wonder, if this are these ones, that took less than 30 minutes, but havent tested yet.

For other clients (tunderbird, icsx, …) it works fine. So it is an emclient problem definetly.

Please fix it, as it make emclient kinda unusable.

Same issue here. I have an Office365 account, and the only way I can add it is as an Outlook account (not Exchange), but this results in an unstable calendar.

Have gone through troubleshooting, removed and re-added my account a million times it seems. Set the default browser, added the old regedit fix, removed it, etc. This is getting pretty old.

Any news on this issue?

I have Outlook calendar entries disappearing from the calendar in Em Client. Those entries are still visible in the browser calendar website.

I notice that if I edit the entries in the Outlook website, they will then immediately appear in Em Client again. But only temporarily - they disappear again a day or so later.

I have a free Outlook account, not Office 365. So I can’t register the account in Em Client as an Exchange account.

Just in case anybody is reading these threads…

From a bit of experimentation, it looks like events created in Em Client for my Outlook calendar work fine. Those events are visible in both Em Client and in my website. They remain in both.

Events created directly in the website also appear in Em Client, but disappear from Em Client shortly afterwards. The events remain visible in the website, even though they have disappeared from Em Client.

I wish that were true for me. I create the entry in em Client and it shows up, then a day or so later is isn’t there. Some of the entries from the calendar are present and some aren’t.

I am certainly glad i am only using the free version of this because i would be requesting my money back if i had paid for it.

And this delete the account and then add it back, or use the exchange connection is all garbage. A reliable program would not require that.*

Oh yeah every time i try to go to properties repair eM crashes if i could find something that as much similar to function and appearance to Outlook I would, but the price for Outlook for home use is just too much.

The server is an Exchange server, so setting up the account as Exchange means you are connecting to the server using its native system.

Please try that and see what the result is.

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I have just recently re-setup my free account again using eM Client 9.0.1142 (Beta 2) "(Exchange) manual setup as @Gary advised above using Windows 11 on a brand new pc following the below eM Client article and no issues with synching mail, calendar events, tasks and nothing disappearing at all no matter which way I add calendar events.

The only thing I had to do was use my Microsoft Security “(App password)” as i setup 2FA in my Microsoft account.

When the account completed I see the following Exchange server address in Account “

Email Client for Microsoft Exchange | eM Client

Thank you for this workaround.

Unfortunately it does not solve the issue, if you need do integrated the shared outlook as internet calendar (ics).

Thunderbird does a correctly sync on the ics from exchange. In EmClient some appointments disappear as described above.

Please fix this issue!

Round and round we go. the dizzy fall off and go to Thunderbird or another client where it “just works”… EmC says it’s Exchange / Microsoft to blame (which it probably is) even though Thunderbird works okay - as attested to by numerous people. It been like this for ages and it won’t likely get any change/milage asking them to “fix it”. Thunderbird developers obviously took a different approach to fixing it (however they did). That’s all I can think at least. I am now down below the sandbags waiting for the bullets to fly :slight_smile:

How is Thunderbird connecting to the calendar?

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I uninstalled Em Client. I couldn’t depend on it showing me my appointments, I was having to go to the website to check if there were events Em wasn’t showing me. So I may as well not bother with the Em Client calendar at all.

Em is more usable than anything else I’ve tried, so if it gets fixed at some point, I’ll probably go back to it.

Setting up the account as Exchange offers much better connection with the Microsoft server. If you are having issues with the calendar sync, please consider that option.