RetrieveLicenseXml failed

I have been using eM Client for my personal email for 8 years. Within the past week, when I first bring up eM Client on my Win 10 (current) Laptop I get the following error message.

eM Client has been unable to contact the update server for at least 10 days. To be able to continue using this product, please ensure that the server is accessible from your network.

Last attempt resulted in the following error:
RetrieveLicenseXml failed

lunes 13 septiembre 2021 :: 1304hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @

It is likely that something on your system has changed, perhaps Anti-Virus, Firewall, VPN etc
and is stopping eMC License verification

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You can test to see if you have access to the server by opening the following three pages. No need to login, just open the pages.

If they don’t open, you will need to configure those applications @skybat mentioned to allow access to those addresses, then restart eM Client.