RetrieveLicenseXml failed

I have been using eM Client for my personal email for 8 years. Within the past week, when I first bring up eM Client on my Win 10 (current) Laptop I get the following error message.

eM Client has been unable to contact the update server for at least 10 days. To be able to continue using this product, please ensure that the server is accessible from your network.

Last attempt resulted in the following error:
RetrieveLicenseXml failed

lunes 13 septiembre 2021 :: 1304hrs (UTC +01:00)

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It is likely that something on your system has changed, perhaps Anti-Virus, Firewall, VPN etc
and is stopping eMC License verification

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You can test to see if you have access to the server by opening the following three pages. No need to login, just open the pages.

If they don’t open, you will need to configure those applications @skybat mentioned to allow access to those addresses, then restart eM Client.

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Im facing the same problem since some days, also under Windows 10. I can access above license server links without issue from my browser. Mails can be send, there is just this message, that em client can’t connect to license server. I also tried some other mentioned stuff in the forum. Passes for the firewall are there so far necessary. Also repair doesn’t help. Any further ideas?

See if this of any help:

The License is valid till 2035. The error message is pretty new. It came up about 3 days ago. I installed free version 9 of em client I think somewhere in January. And I also have a running free license.

Did you install the certificate?

I believe so. Can I somewhere doublecheck if it is still installed?

What you do is download the certificate from the Knowledgebase article.
Double click on it in Windows Explorer.
Click on Install Certificate, etc.

Okay that’s what I did. But the error unfortunately remains.

Completely disable any anti-virus, firewall, proxy or VPN, then try again.
Don’t add exceptions, just completely disable them.

Tried that exept for device safety, which I believe is very low level as it points to kernel. I just use windows programs for safety. All friewall is down but the error remains. VPN or proxy is not in use.


Are you as yet able to to get to those eM Client urls @Gary mentioned above ?

Also you directly connected to the Internet via a home ISP wifi router with automatically assigned IP and DNS etc or do you go through alot of switches or internal network hardware with manually assigned IP and DNS / Gateway addresses to get Internet to your computer ?

Or are you l using any other alt external DNS like eg: CloudFlare or Google Public DNS etc ?

Lastly what version & build of Windows 10 do you have ? Are you on 21H2 & what build num ?

Hello, I can login to the pages above using my browser. I have direct connection to my ISP via cable.
I changed my passwort for the license server login right now. It just came up to my mind. There was no requirement. I wait some time and restart my computer. And what shall I say, it seems to work now.
Hopefully the behaviour now remains. Thanks for all your great support.


Exact same issue here with Windows 11. Went to license manager and clicked save.
I’ll see it the message goes away after reboot.

I removed “Run on system startup” and all is well.
I believe Emclient needs to delay startup so internet access is established before calling home.

Clicked “Run on system startup”, saved and rebooted.
The error notification no longer appears at startup.