License server connection error

I have been using eM Client for my personal email for several years now. For the past few days, when opening the eM Client on my Win 10 (1809 with last updates) I get the following error message.

eM Client has been unable to contact the update server for at least 10 days. To be able to continue using this product, please ensure that the server is accessible from your network.

Last attempt resulted in the following error:
RetrieveLicenseXml failed

I think the problem is in the TLS/SSL certificate. As described here

i checked the addresses. In some older browsers, I get the Privacy error “You connection is not private” for
So I checked this address with SSL Labs

The certificate chain contains a certificate that expired Thu, 30 Sep 2021 14:01:15 UTC. I think connection problems appeared at that moment. Also SSL Report shows chain issue: “Incorrect order”

Can I somehow get the details of the eM Client connection error? Can I enable debug or logging mode?

Please look at this article:

As a first step, update your OS and browsers. That might resolve it.
You can also manually update the certificate in certmgr

Thank you, problem solved.
I opened the address in Internet Explorer. The required certificate has been loaded into the Windows Certificate Store. After that, eM Client started working. I usually use Firefox. It uses a separate Certificate Store, so the Windows Certificate Store was not updated.