Resend Option from Sent

I do not see that there is a “resend” option from sent mail. I can only Forward or Reply to resend the email. It should be great to have a resend button to simply resend the original email again.


I think this would be a request for a new feature.

Thank you - this is tagged under feature request


The forum seems to be just a community-based support facility that’s only monitored by the developers.

If you just want to lay a marker for a new feature then fine; but if you want a response then maybe email is the way to go - or both I guess.

From my experience the development team respond promptly.

I frequently wonder why clients do not have this feature! Supported!

I suspect there’s no great demand for it.

Thunderbird et al made the mistake of trying to be all things to all men and it’s now a complicated mess that falls over and hiccups frequently.

As a commercial package, like all businesses, eM Client has to respond to features that will bring a return on investment while keeping the interface as clean and user-friendly as possible. Always a compromise. I guess they’ve decided against it but it is well worth asking if it’s in the pipeline or choose an email client that does what you want if it’s important. I believe Outlook for Windows offers this - but it will cost you £100+ for the privilege!

Microsoft does have this feature… and I use it regularly at work. I understand the lack of demand (or oversight by eM Client) - but with their long list of options, it’s just very off not to have a resend option.

eM Client just responded and said they already have this feature. They are calling it Forward as Original (click arrow on the Forward button and choosing Forward as Original). I have used this in the past and can be helpful to resend the email to new recipients. If you have an email with 10 recipients, you have to manually re-enter all of the recipients to “resend” the email.

I appreciate your dilemma, but as I said earlier. If eM Client has taken the decision that it’s not a feature that will repay investment then you have to appreciate their point if view too. It’s not an “oversight”, just a commercial decision.

It’s a relatively new, small business without the vast resources of resources of MS. You have a choice though. If that feature is critical to you, purchase Outlook for Windows and you’re done.

I appreciate your input on this topic and others. I was not aware that you were part of the company’s development team with insider knowledge of decisions made versus oversight. I also work for a software company; we often have missing features that were simply an oversight during development. You can’t possibly think of every feature until customers suggest them.

The company has not told me that this was a product decision. So I am calling it an oversight, maybe it was a product decision. Nonetheless, I am with eM Client due to their many other features. This is a feature request - and is added and tagged to the forum as such.

No, you attribute too much to me. I’m a simple user trying to help others, but I do have a software development background. Call it what you will, but if really want to attract the attention of the developers and get a reply on whether it was an oversight or a commercial decision as I suggested, then maybe you should contact them the way they list in the Help facility.

I really miss this feature from using a different mail client. Every month I need to send several e-mails with the same text and recipients but with different attachments. I use “Forward as Original” but then I need to add all the recipients again after having replaced the attacment. A full Copy with all the recipients would make my job so much easier.