Resend Option from Sent

In 9.1 it is no longer a sub-option of Forward, it is in the menu on the same level following Forward.

The option is only available for messages you have sent that are in your Sent folder.
The option is not available for messages in any other folder.

Hello Gary,

Thank you for the information, but apparently this does not work as you describe it. As I have written above, all outgoing e-mails of mine are also sent to myself (via an auto-forwarded gmail address) and these e-mails (although are very much in my “sent” folder) are not allowing any resends.

Also, within conversations (not in thread view) even when the last e-mail is a sent one or when opening up the first e-mail sent by me opening the conversation, the “resend” button placed into the menu bar always remains grey. (the expected behaviour would be that the last conversation opened/clicked is active/selected, but apparently the greying in the menu bar is based on the entire conversation, which - by its nature - is never only in the sent folder)

Note: I also have a Gmail filter that adds “important” and “no spam” and a custom tag to all e-mails arriving through the alias, but I presume this should not be important for this feature to not-work.


Also, even if there would be a way to automatically remove the Inbox Tag from Sent emails, removing inbox tags seem to remove the entire conversation (including any incoming replies) from my inbox, which is a no-go.

Yes you are correct removing the Tag Inbox from the Sent messages in Gmail accounts unfortunately then does remove the CC’d Inbox messages and the entire conversation as a result as you said.

This also happens “via Gmail online in a browser” when i tested it, which is then reflected in eM Client the same when you go back to eM Client. So its "just the way Gmail online works with automatically adding the Inbox tag to emails you send to yourself whether via the TO, CC, BCC or Forwarding.