Reply without opening new window

HI all.

Can I get some assistance on how do I reply without opening a new window on em Client? This sometimes is very useful when you only need to reply quickly without opening a full message and saves a few seconds :slight_smile:


You can add a reply button to the toolbar along the top by “right clicking” on a blank space on the toolbar and click customise. Then add the Reply button where you like it to appear along the top.

Or at the “right hand corner” of the email “in the body of the email” there is a little “reply Arrow”.

You can also “right-click” on the email & hit Reply.

Hi Cyberzork,

Maybe I wasn’t clear with my question, sorry abt that. What I meant is that once I click reply - a new window pops out, but instead, can i simply reply in the same window once i click a reply button?

Just like an outlook has that - if you clikc reply, it will allow you to reply in the same window, unless you click a button to pop out the reply window

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Ok. Like in Outlook for the Web ?

So sounds like u want to reply (in the reading pane). I don’t know if eM Client can do that, but i am sure someone on this forum will know if its possible.

Sorry to bump an old thread but is this possible?

If not, is there plans to make it an option?


There is still no option currently in the latest eM Client version I can see in settings to reply without opening a new window.

So I guess all depends on how many other peeps want this feature as to whether the company would add this or not. Have to wait & see.

I would also like not to use new windows, as well as opening an incoming mail in a new window when it would be enough to set the focus.


I’d like to ask you for such option also…


I’d love to have this option too! Was scouring the settings searching open in new window, window and send, settings OMG pls its what im used to, more conveneinet and saves the extra Window hassle! :slight_smile: loving the program so far tho oMG like… :smiley:

I’m adding a very emphatic +1 on this as well. eM Client is the best email client I’ve found so far overall, but the popup windows are extremely annoying. I sincerely hope the developers implement the option to compose mail within the main eM Client window.


Another +1 from this new user who would appreciate such an option for message replies. Likewise, how about the ability to open and edit or send a (previously saved) draft message in the same window / pane? UX enhancements like this would make it an even smoother transition for folks such as myself migrating from Outlook for Windows.

+1 from my side! I would really appreciate this feature! Makes mail communication - especially if the reply is short - way easier and smoother!! :slight_smile:

Maybe this topic should be moved to the category “Feature request”.

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Brand spanking new user here. Still under trial. Might buy, might not. But yeah, the new window popping up in order to type a reply is a shame, imo.

+1 I’ll request this UI change as well even though I’m a newb.

Get it done and I’ll willingly give y’all my money.