Quick Answer in Reading Window instead of New Popup


first of all thank you for this good product.
This week my free limite date ends and I will go for Pro Paid Package :slight_smile:

It will be really helpful if you could add this feature:

Possibility to answer an email directly from the reading popup instead of opening a new window popup.
This is a must-have as the one that Outlook offer. It really avoid multi-windows confusing and give better productivity.

User will still can open separate window if he want to.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Blockquote directly from the reading popup

There is a Thread on this subject to reply (directly on the reading pane) which i assume you want.

Reply without opening new window - Mail - eM Client

Thanks :slight_smile:

But there is no answer.
It will really be easy to answer our email directly from the Reading Panel like Outlook does.
You will avoid opening multiple Popups and being confused.
And after all, if you want to open a new window, you will still be able to. :slight_smile:

I think the concept in eM Client is that it is a preview pane, not an editing pane.

But thank you anyway for your suggestion. eM Client staff do monitor this forum and take notice of feature requests by us users. Who knows, one day it may change into an editing pane. :slightly_smiling_face: