'reply to all ' by default

Dear all

Is possible to configure ‘em client’ to by default use the ‘reply to all’ option?

Hello Jose,
you can either add the ‘Reply all’ button to your main toolbar (and remove the basic reply button) or, if you use shortcuts, use the Ctrl+Shift+R to Reply all.


Hi, has this feature been added? It’s a standard setting on gmail web app… I usually reply-all so I’d like to change the default button to Reply-all.

If this feature exists I could not find it either.   I would strongly prefer having the replyToAll be the default on the email headers.   I prefer to use the Reply button directly on the email headers because it is absolutely clear what email I am working with.

Possibly a better default would be to have emClient prompt showing the to/cc list to make it clear what you are about to do.  For example, emClient could show a dialog box saying:
    - Reply:  And drop these 5 people (named) from the conversation
    - Reply to All: And send this email to 200 people.
    - Cancel

Right now it is too easy for me to accidentally drop people from the conversation.  On the flip side, hitting reply to all to a 200 person list is usually a bad idea.



Hi Anthony,

I found the described feature but its not what it sounds like:

You can change the toolbar in the top of the main window.
just go to preferences->Look (its the second section) -> toolbars
They might be called a litte different. I just translated my german interface.

There you can change the toolbar of the main window.
Just click on the button right next to the text and add or remove actions that you want in your toolbar.

Unfortunately you cannot change the action of the little arrow, right under the date stamp of the email.
Thus you probably need to learn the shortcut ctrl+shift+R if you want to reply from the main window.

ah and I’m really sorry if I dont reply anymore on this thread. Its because I used a 10min mail for my registration. I mean, this is a forum for an email program… There are things more interessting to me.

hopefully i could help you and any other person reading this thread.
Best regards,

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being able to change the default the little arrow would be useful. I currently use “Right click -> reply all”

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Practically all other email clients allow you to choose the default action for “reply” or “reply all”.

A simple thing to add in, why is this still not addressed @Olivia_Rust ???

We provide both options in the toolbar, through right-click on the message in the message list, by right-click on the message body, and in the down-arrow below the time in the message preview.

I want to be able to click the reply arrow on/in the message itself to reply all. Not just reply, not use the toolbar, and not right-click. One single, no-brainer, and fast movement.

Unfortunately we don’t provide an icon inside the message preview to do that, but we do provide an icon on the toolbar that does exactly that.

Then what is the little thing I circled in the pic? Why can this not be set as default to Reply All?

I +1 this post. The feature should be:

  1. The arrow shown by @kal.kaercher should be able to be set to reply-all,
  2. Ctrl + R shortcut should do reply all when set so.

Otherwise its quite cumbersome compared to other email clients.