Renaming email, web & phone details in contacts

Using version: 9.2.2038 (c8b8173)

There seems to be a problem renaming email, web & phone details in contacts e.g. after renaming a web item as BANK after saving and reopening the name reverts to Webpage 2, or similar. The problem affects email addresses phone numbers and web pages. Whatever custom name is used after saving and reopening the renamed item reverts to a standard form. Occasionally it works but usually does not. Anyone else have this issue?

The issue with the labels may depend on your contact provider and how the contacts are synced with the server. CardDAV for example doesn’t support renaming this. However, we have made some changes in the next version (10), so with Local Folder Contacts and possibly Google Contacts, the label for web pages should be retained.

But for most, it will just revert to what it was.

Thanks for that, I look forward to v10. But does this fully explain the inconstancy of the renaming, i.e. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t?