editing a contact in any manner with emclient replaces gmail labels for phone numbers with 'other'.

Editing a contact in any fashion with emclient strips the labels from the contacts phone numbers and replaces them with other. the program doesn’t honor
gmails phone labels. This is a big problem. I just removed one letter in the
contacts name and after sychronization the contact appeared in g-mail with the labels like this…

So a contact with

Home xxx-xxx-xxxx
Work xxx-xxx-xxxx
Pharmacy xxx-xxx-xxxx (custom label)

All become:

other xxx-xxx-xxxx
other xxx-xxx-xxxx
other xxx-xxx-xxxx

I could not simulate the issue. Can you please tell me what version of eM Client are you using?

George, I am using
version 5.0.18025.0
My email address was pointed from godaddy to gmail and is an imap setup…

Here is a step by step…

Here is the contact with proper labels in gmail…

Here is how it looks as a vcard in eM Client…

The first two numbers show up with differing labels.

I changed the record by adding an “S” to time warner cable -> CableS

Here is the result back on google after sync…

Thank you for detailed report - we found the cause of this issue and are currently working on the fix so you can expect it in one of the next updates.

Thank you, this fix is critical. Would you look into adding a few more phone fields, say 4 instead of 2. Maybe a custom one so a custom label can be added from eMClient.

Curious… seems that the first two fields from google contacts are used and arbitrarly labeled work and home, or does eM match labels in a manner that an exchange server does. A pulldown menu seems to allow one to change the label to eM’s presets, not gmail labels or custom.

George… thanks for your attention to this. I like your program!

To be clear…

Making the labeling seamless, keeping and creating labels consistent with gmail, This includes the ability to create and maintain custom labels. As I am concerned with my data, I haven’t played around too much… It seems at first glance that similar to Outlook, each of the two phone field’s pull down menus allows you to choose which of the gmail fields is made available. I assume that these choices will stick.

Thanks again.


I can assure you that it will be more user friendly in the future.

Thank you, George… I read some other posts and see that the labeling is handle similarly to outlook where labels used are noted by bolding or other demarcation.
I presume the default will be work and home fields and that when you make a change to the field name that that will stick with the contact.

So we just need to get parity on the label names with gmail and make provision for custom labels display and creation.

That will preserve my many contacts and I assure you that all will be super. I love what I see.

Curious if the label issue fix is moving forward?


we are working on this gradually label by label, but not all labels will be added.
that means in some updates there are new labels but we mainly focus on other problems.


Well, I hope that you can work it out with the main telephone labels. Home, Work, Main, Mobile, Fax. Custom is important. I hope that’s not an issue.

Thanks for the response. Jan.


I will forward this request into considered features but that is as much as I can do from my position.


George or John…

This issue of replacing a custom label with Other is a big problem for me.
Any contact that has a change to its contact info syncs back with label changes to the phone label fields.

If I do not edit contacts… not use that part of the program, will the contacts remain unchanged… for now?


Home and Work should work as we have worked on them, custom labels are still being worked on.

still no exact date of release.


Good work. Thanks.

Good work. Thanks.


you’re welcome

best regards

Well, Bravo. Seems like the custom label issue has been handled in the new beta.



I am happy that it works for you as you have wanted :slight_smile: