Remove Unread Message from List after Action

It would be great if a message could be removed from the Unread list after performing an action. For example, I triage my Unread message list by either deleting, reporting, or archiving the message to a specific folder. Unfortunately, the message stays in the list even though I’ve taken action, so I have to remember which ones I’ve “filed.” Hopefully, that makes sense. It would just create a cleaner workflow. Thanks for the consideration.

There is an existing feature request to “automatically refresh the unread folder after the message or messages are read,” to then avoid having to click to another folder and back to clear the read messages in Favourites. I suspect this will also help you with your issue if implemented.

So Suggest to like that feature request post.

I wouldn’t want it to disappear when read as it would disappear before I could move it to another folder.

I wouldn’t want it to disappear when read as it would disappear before I could move it to another folder.

Maybe then as in the other thread link above suggestion I posted today, an eg: X time option of 5 secs or more (user set) added “before the read messages are automatically cleared” from the unread folder, to then allow you time to fully read and move the message to whatever folder u want.?

This is not something we are considering because it would cause a cascade event.

Say for example you have a bunch of messages in unread, and you click on one of them. After a few seconds it is marked as read and removed from the list. The next one is automatically selected as you step away from the computer for a minute. In your absence, the next one is marled as read an removed, then the next one and the next one etc. When you return with your coffee, there are no longer any unread messages.

So we leave the read messages in the Unread folder until you move away from that folder. The next time you come back to the Unread folder, only unread messages will be there.

Thanks. I can understand that. I was asking for it to be removed after a move to folder action. This is something Outlook does and it works well.

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Apologies, I misunderstood. That function is already present in version 10 (ETA not yet available).

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Awesome. Thank you! :partying_face: